Lonsdor K518ISE K518S Write To Start 2015~2018 Land Rover Jaguar Via OBD

JLR License 2015-2018 Land Rover Jaguar Write-to-start via OBD update! works with Lonsdor K518ISE K518S. New JLR license supports 2015~2018 Landrover and Jaguar  all key lost, and add key via OBD. Supports all key lost programming even under alarm state, FK72 version, emergency start and smart start ect. Lonsdor K518ISE K518S New JLR License Feature Emergency [...]

ISTA BMW Software Latest Version 03.2021 Update

latest ista bmw software aslo name ICOM software  comes with ISTA-D: 4.28.20 and ISTA-P:,  supports diagnosis and totally offline programming/coding for all models of BMW inlcuding:  Mini, Motorcycles, Rolls Royce, BMW i Series etc., compatible with ICOM Next A, ICOM A2+B+C hardware. ISTA BMW Software V03.2021 Overview 1. Software Version: V2021.03 2. Support System: Win7 64bit 3. Software Type: HDD and [...]

ODIS Software V7.11 Update Supports Vehicles Till 2021

Latest ODIS software V7.11 comes with ODIS V7.11 full software+ ODIS engineering software V12.1+ ETKA 8.20+ELASWIN 6.0+VCDS20.12. ODIS Win10 64bit V7.11 software supports diagnosis, online/offline programming and coding for VAG group vehicles till 2021, compatible with hardware VAS5054 and VAS6154. ODIS Software V7.11 Overview 1.  ODIS V7.11 includes: Audi, Skoda, FAW-Volkswagen, Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial, [...]

BMW ISTA Software 01.2021 Version Update!

BMW ISTA Software latest Version 01.2021 releases! Newest version comes with ISTA-D: 4.27.20 and ISTA-P:, supports diagnosis, offline programming and coding for bmw vehicles till 2021. Laest ista software is compatible with ICOM A2+B+C and ICOM NEXT A. Latest BMW ISTA Software Overview 1. Software Version: V2021.01 2. Support System: Win7 64bit 3. Software Type: HDD and SSD 4. Support Language: ISTA/D(Wiring diagram) [...]

Porsche Piwis 3 Latest Software V39.900 Releases!

Porsche piwis 3 V39.900 software update, comes with V39.700 + V39.900 dual system, supports Porsche vehicle till latest models. Comparing to  PIWIS tester 2(which last software that was issued a few years back so there may not be updates for it) , piwis 3 tester software keep updating, and supports more new models, it supports all [...]

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Lexia 3 PP2000 Diagbox Latest Software V7.83 Download

Lexia 3 PP2000 is dealer level diagnostic tool for Peugeot and  Citroen from 1995 to 2019, comes with best quality chip , same as original chip. Covers functions including:  read identification, read fault codes, clear fault codes, auto-scan (complete car scan/test), measured values, actuator test, programming Functions/Adaption and control Unit ect. PP2000 has two version , [...]

ISTA BMW Software 2020.11 Update

ISTA BMW Software V2020.11 comes with ISTA-D: 4.25.40 and ISTA-P:, supports diagnosis, offline programming and coding for  Mini,  Motorcycles, Rolls Royce, BMW i Series till 2020, latest BMW software is compatibale with ICOM A2+B+C and ICOM NEXT A. ISTA BMW Software V2020.11 Overview Sofware type: HDD or SSD Support system: Win7 64bit Multi-language including: ISTA/D(Wiring diagram) [...]

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ODIS Software V6.20 Update!

Latest ODIS software V6.20 includes ODIS Engineer Software V12.1 Version+ETKA 8.2 +Elsawin 6.0 + V-CDS V20.4.1, supports diagnosis, online/offline coding & programming for VAG group vehicles till 2020! Compatible with  VAS5054 A, and VAS 6154 V6.20 ODIS Software Overview ODIS V6.20 includes: Audi, Skoda, FAW-Volkswagen, Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial, Bugatti, Lamborghini, SEAT, MAN, Bentley, VCDS 20.4.1 ODIS Engineer Software: V12.1 Version ETKA [...]

Toyota TIS Techstream Latest Version V16.00.017 Free Download

Toyota TIS techstream software latest version V16.00.017 update! Supports diagnosis and programming for Toyota vehicles till 2021. Compatible with Global Techstream GTS TIS3 OTC Scanner. TIS Techstream Software V16.00.017 Overview: Support Languages: English, Germany, French, Italian, Chinese Support Vehicles: From 1996 and later Toyota/Lexus models till 2020  Laptop requirements: Toyota TIS Techstream Software Notice Toyota OTC/GTS IT3 [...]

Xentry Software 2020.06 Free Download

Xentry software 2020.06 comes with Xenry 2020.06, DAS 2020.06, EPC: 2018.11, WIS: 2019.07, SDmedia: 2015.01, Vediamo: 5.01.01, Vediamo Database, Star Finder : 2016, PL72 and DTS Monaco 8.16.015, work with MB Star SD Connect C4 and mb star C5. VXDAS provide latest Xentry HDD/SSD software, comes with Win10 64 bit operation system, supports diagnosis, programming and [...]

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