Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer Reviews

Digiprog 3 V4.94 full set version with USB Interface & FTDT Chip, covers full range of vehicles, an inexpensive mileage correction tool. V4.94 digiprog 3 is latest version add more car models on the basic of V4.88. With Digiprog 3 Programmer What Can We Do? 1. The Digiprog 3 is the leading system for setting and [...]

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MB Can Filter 18 in 1 For Benz BMW

MB can filter 18 in 1 for both Benz and BMW is necessary for Benz and BMW odometer adjustment. Why Need MB Can Filter 18 in 1 ? The EIS computer and the dashboard need to exchange data and compare whether the kilometers are same, if data are inconsistent, follow the principle of covering the decimal [...]

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OBDSTAR Odo Master Mileage Correction Car List

obdstar odo master is Android-based odomaster adjustment tool, support not only mileage correction but also reset and OBDII functions, with wide  model coverage odomaster supports more vehicles year from newer to older, meet the actual needs of different users such as automobile repair plants and fast repair shops. OBDSTAR ODO Master Highlights easy-to-use, wide model coverage [...]

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OBDSTAR Car OBD Mileage Programmer and VIN Detector New Release

OBDSTAR car obd mileage programmer and VIN detector is new tool manufactured by OBDSTAR company. Supports VIN code and mileage reading via OBD port, is solution to disclose a widespread, hidden practice of mileage manipulation, the same to create more safety and fairness used car market. obdstar mileage programmer and vin detector is coming soon. OBDSTAR [...]

Xhorse Iscancar Multifunctional VAG Tool

Xhorse Iscancar VAG MM007 is a mutifunctional diagnostic and maintenance tool for Audi/VW/Skoda and Seat. Supports controller diagnostic: basic setting, channel adaption, read DTC, clear DTC,system login etc. read PINs, adaption after replacing controller, gateway register etc. via OBD. Iscancar vag mm007 tool supports update online. Xhorse Iscancar VAG MM007 Hightligts 1. Language: English and Chinese 2. Online [...]

GODIAG M201 Ford Odometer Correction Tool 2020 New Release

GODIAG M201 odometer correction for Ford is a professional hand-held OBD2 mileage correction tool, supports read, wirte and reset odometer for Ford via OBD2 prot, fast and stable operation. With craftsmanship design, it is easy to take away and shockproof. Where to get new M201 Ford odometer correction tool? check at VXDAS.COM GODIAG M201 Software Highlight [...]


OBDSTAR ODO Master VS OBDSTAR DP Plus VS OBDSTAR X300M Obdstar odometer correction tools can help you greatly in mileage correction.This aryicle is compare their difference and similarities. OBDSTAR ODO Master highlights: tablet design:data graphing can be more visible wider and newer vehicle coverage:more chances to repair diverse vehilces online one-click update:save money and energy to keep updated user-friendly [...]

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Obdstar Odo Master Full/Standard/Basic Verison Comparision

Obdstar Odo Master is  a powerful odometer correction tool. It has 3 versions: Odostar Odo Master Full Version Odo Master Standard Version Odo Master Basic Version This article is to compare Obdstar Odo Master similarties and differences. Differences: Support Car model: ODO Master Full Version -------     luxury cars BENTLEY, FERRARI, BMW and MASERATI = ODO [...]

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OBDSTAR X-100 Pro OBDSTAR Odometer Correction Reviews

OBDSTAR X-100 Pro  is a powerful obdstar mileage odometer correction tool and obdstar key programmer. Here shows reviews about whether obdstar x-100 pro work right in these facets. Review 1.OBDSTAR X-100 Pro tested okay for the following models for mileage change: 1)For VAG group vehicles: Audi A3 is on the list from 2003 – 2006, 2007- [...]

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Odometer Correction Tool User Manual for Mercedes Benz Year 2015-2017

Benz OBD2 Odometer Correction Tool is a good helper to adjust your  Benz OBD2 odometer.  This user manual will show you the basic info and operating practices about Benz  Odometer Correction Tool.   The features of Benz OBD2 Odometer Correction Tool If operating through the OBD2 interface, no wiring required. If the operation is perform ed [...]

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OBDSTAR ODO Master & X300M Odometer Correction Tool Comparison

The OBDSTAR ODO Master is new released odometer correction tool. In the market, most of the mileage correction tool are work with chips. The ODO Master works through OBD2. We already has the OBDSTAR X300M main for for odometer adjustment before. Today VXDAS would like to share some differences between these 2 tools.   Basic Information Comparison [...]

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