2M2 Magic Tank Best Car Key Cutting Machine Recommendation

2M2 magic tank car key cutting machine work on Android via bluetooth, connect APP on your phone via bluetooth, easy to operate, no need to learn, just open the App and work, very friendly for new users. comes with  4 guide pins, 2 milling cutters and one free Benz HU64 clamp, wide vehicle coverage. get 2M2 [...]

Xhorse Dolphin XP005 vs Dolphin XP700, Which One Is Best?

Xhorse dolphin xp005 and XP007 key cutting machine are both product from Xhorse manufacturer. Both xp005 and xp 007  are good tools that a locksmith should have. With simple design and and light weight, dolphin key cutting machine works fast, easy and stable.   Xhorse dolphin xp005 vs Dolphin XP700 Xhorse Dolphin XP500 1.Dolphin XP500 supports [...]

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