2M2 Tank 3 Pro Key Cutting Machine Work on Android via Bluetooth with Database.

Why choose 2M2 Magic Tank 3 Pro?

  1. Fully Automatic, Easy to Use.
  • You don’t need to learn it. Just open the APP and do it. (Search”Magic Tank” in Google Play to download the APP)
  • Special models do not need to change the fixture, just follow the APP prompt.
  • For new users do not know the key, directly follow the picture selection.
  1. Powerful Standard Clamp

          Able to fix laser key, standard (flat) key, HU162T, TOY2 and other especial key types. 

  1. Cutting for Ford Mondeo (FO21) and Jaguar (TEB1) Round Key, only need to clip the key blank once, fully automatic completion, global patent technology. (Need to Buy FO21 Fixture Extra)
  1. Design and Performance
  • Powerful motor can reach 12,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), cutting speed is the fastest in the same competition.
  • Double shaft design, avoid frequent replacement of milling cutter and needle.
  • Manufactured by Germany-made DMG CNC machine.
  • American imported 4-Axis Precision Ball Screw with clearance function, ensures high precision cutting.
  1. Support sided/track/dimple keys/tibbe keys/motobike keys/household keys.
  2. All Key Lost & Find Bitting
  • When you lose all the keys, you can search key code via 2M2 Tank key cutting machine APP. Or find bitting if you don’t know the lack of code of ignition lock.
  1. Two Years Warranty & Lifetime Free Update
  • Free technical support, online service to provide remote control 24 hours service online.
  1. With Buit-in Database, Current Version: V688 (Keep updating online for free)
  2. Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian
  3. If you need to work outside, please buy 2M2 Magic Tank Battery Extra. Cutting 10 keys at least after fully charged.
  • Or you can choose 2M2 Magic Tank with Built-in Battery directly.
  1. Latest Updated Function: 
  • 1 super key blank can generate 99% key models. generate flat key types,standard key types, laser key types, inner groove, outer groove, 2 tracks, 4 tracks, and many special types. This function is only owned by Magic Tank.

    12. The third generation of new transparent masks, prevent copper chips from entering the spindle,block the flying copper chips;

    13. With new work surface, can sweep the copper chips on the work surface into the chip collecting chute and dump them out;
    14. It has the function of preventing tipping. The round hole can be used to install milling cutters, guide pins and other cutting tools.

2M2 Magic Tank 3 Pro Six major Upgrade:

1. More accurate and low noise.

2. Improve cap area, 

3. Improve the handle position and easy to carry

4. Keep cutting from 30 till 40 pieces of key after full charging.

5. Multi-function standard clamp can cover.

6. Box for tools.



2M2 Magic TANK 3 Pro Support Car list:









2M2 Magic Tank 3 Pro Functions:

Support bluetooth connection, convenient updating.

APP operates the machine.

All key lost/Find bittings: Search bittings from PIN code.

Decoder tool: Record bittings from decoder.

Duplicate key depend upon key outline.

It can clamp various types of key (flat key,laser key, special key).

Cutting FO21 round key with rotation automatically.

Generate key type: Use super key blank to cut a key.

Create key data via key size.

Free Upgrading.

2M2 Magic TANK 3 Pro Support key types:

1. Standard Clamp—for flat key, laser key, special key on and on.


2. FO21 automatic rotation (optional)—One clamping to solve multi-faceted machining.3. Plastic Key/ Aluminum alloy Key.https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0072/5424/5449/files/2M2_Magic_TANK_3_pro_10.webp?v=1713429431

How to Use 2M2 Tank Key Cutting Machine for the First Time?

1. Search ‘Magictank’from Google Play

   Scan the Code to download it directly

2. Install 2M2 Magic Tank cutter & probe 

3. Calibrate clamp 

You have to calibrate the clamp when:

1) Use the machine for the first time

2) After changing the milling cutter and pin (such as HU162T)

3) After changing fixtures (Ford FO21)