VNCI RNM Compatible with original software drivers such as Consult3 plus, CAN Clip, MUT-3, etc.

VNCI RNM Highlights:

1. Internal Anti-Theft Card, Programming Card, GT-R Card, Battery Card Functions:The VNCI RNM tool incorporates internal cards designed for various functions including anti-theft measures, programming capabilities, and specific functionalities tailored  for GT-R models and battery-related operations. These internal cards likely enhance security features and enable efficient programming tasks within Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi vehicles.
2. Support for Diagnosis, Module Programming, and Anti-Theft Matching:VNCI RNM offers comprehensive support for diagnosis, module programming, and anti-theft matching functions across all models from Nissan, Renault,  and Mitsubishi. This indicates the tool’s versatility in addressing various diagnostic requirements, programming modules within vehicle systems, and managing anti-theft system configurations.

3. Compatibility with New Nissan Electric Vehicles:The tool extends its support to include diagnostic and module programming functions specifically tailored for new Nissan electric vehicles. This highlights its compatibility with emerging technologies and ensures that it can address the unique requirements of electric vehicle platforms within the Nissan lineup.

4. Dedicated Support for GT-R Models:In addition to standard vehicle models, VNCI RNM provides dedicated support for diagnosis, module programming, and anti-theft matching functions for GT-R models. This demonstrates the tool’s capability to handle the specialized needs of high-performance GT-R vehicles, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the entire Nissan range.

5. Online Functionality and Connectivity Options:VNCI RNM offers online functions and supports various connectivity options to facilitate seamless operation. It is compatible with original software drivers, eliminating the need for third-party software and ensuring plug-and-play functionality. The tool supports USB connection,  WIFI direct connection, and wireless LAN connection for flexible usage scenarios.

6. Software Compatibility and Features:The tool supports Consult 3plus v226+ software, enabling it to calculate Nissan 28 and 32-bit anti-theft codes. This ensures compatibility with the latest software versions and enhances its ability to handle advanced diagnostic tasks and security-related functions.7. Original Functionality at Affordable Price:VNCI RNM boasts 100% original function with a significantly lower price point, offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance or reliability. 8. Support for Advanced Communication Protocols:The tool supports DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) and CAN FD (Controller Area Network Flexible Data Rate) communication protocols, ensuring compatibility with modern vehicle architectures and facilitating efficient communication with vehicle systems for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

VNCI RNM support vehicles:

Nissan Ariya EV vehicle

Nissan Leaf EV vehicle

All Nissan gasoline vehicles

All Infiniti vehicles

All Datsun vehicles

All Renault vehicles

All Mitsubishi vehicles

VNCI RNM Diagnostic Tool Functions:

1. Internal anti-theft card, programming card, GT-R card, battery card functions

2. Supports diagnosis, module programming and anti-theft matching functions of all Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi models

3. Support diagnostic and module programming functions of new Nissan electric vehicles

4. Supports diagnosis, module programming and anti-theft matching functions of GT-R models

5. Support online functions

Why choose VNCI RNM Diagnostic Tool?