Best ECU Programmer KT200 VS CG FC200, Which is Better?

KT200 ECU Programmer is recognized as the best ECU Programmer by many engineers who have used it. Recently client ask us help to figure out the diffrerence between CG FC200 and KT200 ECU Programmer. So share the KT200 ECU Programmer VS. CG FC200 comparison here, hope it helpful.   KT200 ECU Programmer compare with [...]

KT200 ECU Programmer Everything You Need to Know(Test Video Include)

KT200 ECU programmer from is a unique solution of the ECU & TCU programming for auto-repair & mechanics. ChipTuningKit KT200 is designed for ECU/TCU clone, chip tuning, ECU remapping, adblue removal and speed limited removal etc.  work on ECU & TCU via OBD/Bench/Boot mode and Jtag systems.What's the feature of KT200 from How does [...]

KT200 ECU Programmer Read VE-EDC16 U31 By BENCH MODE

KT200 ECU Programmer work on Audi/VW ECU Programming by OBD & Bench Pinout Mode. Most customers ask to provide KT200 test video to help check how's it working. VXDAS technicians use VW-EDC16 U31 as an example, share the video of how to use KT200 work on by BENCH MODE below.   KT200 Read and Write ECU [...]

KT200 ECU Programmer VS PCMTuner, Which is Better?

KT200 ECU Programmer made by ChipTuningKit be regarded as Dfox ECU programmer alternative, which works well with ECU and TCU clone by OBD/Bench/Boot/BDM/Jtag Modes. Most clients confused about what's the difference between PCMTuner? Below VXDAS shares comparison of KT200 ECU Programmer and PCMTuner to help customers choose.   KT200 ECU Programmer compare with PCMTuner KT200 ECU Programmer VS PCMTuner Name [...]

KT200 ECU Programmer Software Version Updated to V22.08.20

KT200 ECU Programmer continuously upgrades the KT200 software and the following are the functions added after the software upgrades in August 2022. KT200 ECU Programmer Software Added Optimization content : 1. Added the boot screen to solve the long-term unresponsiveness of the click software.In the old version, the click software may take too long or the [...]

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Who is the KT200 ECU Programmer designed for?

KT200 ECU Programmer is used to read and write Engine Control Units (ECU) FLASH and EEPROM in OBD, bench, and boot mode in heavy vehicles. It is an innovative ECU tool. It is an updated tool of the KTM100 ECU programmer. Many mechanics think KT200 equals Kess V2 plus Ktag plus Gallatto and more tools. Who [...]

ChipTuningKit KT200 ECU Programmer User Manual

ChipTuningKit KT200 ECU programmer also provides you with DTC code removal EGR&DPF removal, IMMO OFF, releasing speed limit, mileage correction, Hot start or Cold Start Vmax, and so on. It will bring you unexpected surprises and make your work more productive!   What's a KT200 ECU Programmer? ChipTuningKit KT200 ECU Programmer is a complete tool for [...]

KT200 ECU Programmer Support ECU List Update July 2022

KT200 ECU Programmer Support ECU List Update July 2022 ChipTuningKit KT200 ECU Programmer keeps developing more ECUs and will provide more upgrades, below is the list of the KT200 ECU programmer’s latest ECUs and features added from in July 2022. We welcome more feedback from users, and we will continue to work hard to bring [...]

UPA USB Programmer V1.3 Software Download&Installation

VXDAS UPA USB Programmer full set with all adapters support Multi-Type Eeproms&Microchip .The main Device can be directly connected to the UUSP (UPA-USB Serial Programmer) or by an optional DB9 male / female 1:1 extension cable.Device configuration is done over special config keys which make the work convenient and safe compared to wiring up all [...]

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CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer V1.0.0 Software Download & Installation

CGDI FC200 ECU programmer is regarded as full version of CGDI AT-200, a new ECU/EGS programmer manufactured by CGDI company. Supports 4200 kinds of ECU,  covers 80% ECU at the market, FC200 covers all authorization of AT-200, and all license activated free. CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer vs. AT-200 CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer Powerful Function 1. Original [...]

CG FC200 ECU Programmer All You Need to Know

CG FC200 ecu programmer is new device which is designed for ECU/EGS clone, a new ECU expert manufactured by CGDI company. Supports functions including data reading&writing, ISN acquisition, disassembly matching, module clone, VIN modification and DTC shielding ect. CG FC200 supports 4200 kinds of ECU, 3 tyeps of operation modes, and covers 80% of the models [...]


KTMFLASH KTMBENCH KTMOBD 3 in 1 is new ecu programmer which covers all functions of ktmflash ktmbench and ktmobd, an unexpensive programmer which doesn't exceed $400 for ECU tuners. ktmflash/ktmbench/ktmobd 3 in1 tool supports to do ECU Chip Tuning for cars via OBD. Why Choose KTMFLASH KTMBENCH KTMOBD 3 in 1 Programmer? Check below sheet, if [...]

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