KT200 Software Users feedback: After updating the latest version of the KT200 ECU Programmer, the “Select Driver” will turn grey and cannot be selected. VXDAS.com will share how to solve this problem.

KT200 Software V22.10.01 Problem: “Select Driver is greyed out and cannot be selected”.

KT200 Software



Step1: Go to Device Manager and delete the driver. Reinstall from installation.

KT200 Software


Step2: Open KT200 Update Program and “Reset Device”. (This step is crucial!)

KT200 Software


Step3: Unplug the device’s USB port and reconnect it.

KT200 Software


Step4: Open the software normally.

KT200 Software


KT200 Software Installation Video 

Software Download Link:

1. V22.10.01 KT200 ECU Programmer Software

2. KT200 New Version Installation Guide


We welcome more feedback from users, and we will continue to work hard to bring you good products and services.

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