KT200 ECU Programmer is currently the most cost-effective ECU cloning tool on the market that supports a wide range of ECUs/TCUs.

Most clients confused about what’s the difference between FoxFlash? Below VXDAS shares a comparison of KT200 ECU Programmer and FoxFlash to help customers make choice.

KT200 ECU Programmer compare with FoxFlash:

Name KT200 ECU Programmer  FoxFlash
Version  Auto Version

Full Version

Full Version only
Master or Slave KT200 master  Fox Flash master 
Software KT200 V22.11.01 FoxFlash Software
Software Language  Italian, English, Dutch, French,

Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech,

Romanian, Turkish

 Italian, English, Dutch, French,

Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech,

Romanian, Turkish

Update Uptade online, No annual fee Uptade online, No annual fee
Activation No No
Auto checksum YES YES
Operating system Win7 Win8,8.1 Win 10 Win11 Win7 Win8,8.1 Win 10 Win11
License Auto Version: Car OBD, Truck OBD,

Full System, BDM/Jtag, BOOT,


Full Version: Car OBD, Tractor OBD,

Boat OBD, Motorbike OBD, Full System,


Full Version: Car, Truck, Motorbike,

Tractor, Boat, and Additional TCU package

available for Automatic Transmissions

Operation modes OBD, BENCH, BDM/Jtag, BOOT OBD, BENCH, BDM/Jtag, BOOT
Offline or online Online Online, Offline
VR Reading YES, VR reading online if VR files on the server YES, VR reading online if VR files on server
MEDC17 Clone functions YES YES
ECU List KT200 ECU List FoxFlash ECU List
TCU List KT200 TCU List FoxFlash TCU List
Price  Auto Version: 535usd+shipping fee

Full Version: 705usd+shipping fee

Full Verison: 675+shipping fee
Software Download https://vxdas.com https://www.dfb-technology.com


KT200 ECU Programmer and FoxFlash Comparison Summary:

1. FoxFlash has Full Version protocols activated (Full Version only). People that have other tools, maybe will not need all protocols. If you need a basic auto version, the KT200 ECU Programmer Auto Version is good to go.

2. If need a Full Version, FoxFlash is cheaper.

3. KT200 requires an online connection. FoxFlash supports online and offline.

4. FoxFlash gets a 2-year warranty and KT200 only 1 year.


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