KT200 ECU Programmer is recognized as the best ECU Programmer by many engineers who have used it. Recently vxdas.com client ask us help to figure out the diffrerence between CG FC200 and KT200 ECU Programmer. So vxdas.com share the KT200 ECU Programmer VS. CG FC200 comparison here, hope it helpful.


KT200 ECU Programmer compare with CG FC200 ECU Programmer

KT200 ECU Programmer VS CG FC200 ECU Programmer

Name KT200  CG FC200
Image KT200 ECU Programmer CG FC200 ECU Programmer
Software Language Italian, English, Dutch, French,

Spanish, Polish, Portuguese,

Czech, Romanian, Turkish

English, French, Spanish, 

Polish, Turkish, Chinese

Dongle NO NO
ECU Search Search ecu by ecu number,

car brand

Search ecu by bosch ecu

number, car brand

Operation mode Beach, Boot, BDM/KTAG

and OBD mode

Bench, Boot, and OBD 


ECU types Bosch, magneti marelli, continental,

denso, Delco, Temic or siemens

Vietual reading Free VR files in ECUHelp program NO 
Wiring diagram Check wiring in KT200, online

update wiring diagram and Device

show you wiring diagram

Device shows you wiring diagram
Tuner account for


OFF and Remap

Checksum YES Can calculate checksum online

as long as the subscription is


Update & Subscription KT200 free update online,

No subscription, No annual fee,

no monthly fee.

1 Year Free update, subscription

is $125/ year

ECU List Support ECU List Support ECU List 
TCU List Support TCU List NO
License Auto Version:(7 license)Car OBD,

 Truck OBD, Full System, BDM/JTAG,

 TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear

Full License
Full Version:(10 license)Car OBD, Truck OBD,

Tractor OBD , Boat OBD, Motorbike OBD,


Bench Mode, TCU Gear



KT200 and CG FC200 Comparison Summary:

1. KT200 has more ECUs and TCUs supported. CG FC200 works only on Bosch ECUs, so for Magneti Marelli, Continetial, Delco, Temic or siemens KT200 is better.

2. KT200 can do Bosch EDC17/ME17/SIMENS Pcr2.1(with Pinout also nlocking possibility ) read and write in BENCH Mode. CG FC200 mostly Bosch ECU and only some BMW ECU can be done via OBD.

3. KT200 covers a full range of German, Japanese, American and Chinese models.

4. KT200 has 5 Operating Modes: Bench Mode, Boot Mode, BDM, Jtag, OBD Mode. CG FC200 has 3 Operating Modes: Bench Mode, Boot Mode and CAN-BUS.

5. KT200 has 10 optional language, free to change language in software. CG FC200 supports English, French, Spanish, Polish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


Client can choose the suitable one for your working. More details about KT200 on official website: http://www.ChipTuningKit.com

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