Best ECU Programmer KT200 VS CG FC200, Which is Better?

KT200 ECU Programmer is recognized as the best ECU Programmer by many engineers who have used it. Recently client ask us help to figure out the diffrerence between CG FC200 and KT200 ECU Programmer. So share the KT200 ECU Programmer VS. CG FC200 comparison here, hope it helpful.   KT200 ECU Programmer compare with [...]

CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer V1.0.0 Software Download & Installation

CGDI FC200 ECU programmer is regarded as full version of CGDI AT-200, a new ECU/EGS programmer manufactured by CGDI company. Supports 4200 kinds of ECU,  covers 80% ECU at the market, FC200 covers all authorization of AT-200, and all license activated free. CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer vs. AT-200 CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer Powerful Function 1. Original [...]

CG FC200 ECU Programmer All You Need to Know

CG FC200 ecu programmer is new device which is designed for ECU/EGS clone, a new ECU expert manufactured by CGDI company. Supports functions including data reading&writing, ISN acquisition, disassembly matching, module clone, VIN modification and DTC shielding ect. CG FC200 supports 4200 kinds of ECU, 3 tyeps of operation modes, and covers 80% of the models [...]

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