BMW ISTA+ 4.46.21 Standalone SQLiteDB’s Download Free

BMW ISTA+ 4.46.21 is the latest software version for BMW ISTA.This article is about how to free download ISTA+4.46.21 Standalone and SQLiteDB’s on Mega.

ISTA Diagnostic Software V2024.03 Display:

ISTA 4.46.21 the standalone version

HW checks removed and includes separate link for the NOFASTA patch.



ISTA 4.46.21 installation files on Mega:!pb5U0ATC!Oadp9zVx3SDpcjbQZQM-pw



Password: NOT required!

Security: Unknown – TRY ON YOUR OWN RISK!!!!


Suggestion: you need luck with ISTA+ 4.46.21 as it’s not tested yet by professionals that safety is unknown. And luck also is needed because of the uneasy installation. Hope the installation guide is helpful but note that it would be kind of different from versions, in terms of steps. If you’re not good at this, just buy a cheap HDD or SSD with software inside. A lot of Chinese have crack software with internal disk. Jus buy it with relief.

Look here:BMW Ista Diagnostic Software Rheingold Service V2024.03 Ista D/P Software Win7 64bit HDD/SSD               

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