JLR SDD2 diagnosis and programming tool for Land Rover and Jaguar comes with free register code, supports diagnostics, vehicle reprogramming, immobi and smart key for all Land-rover and Jaguar after Year 2010.



JLR SDD2 Diagnose And Programming Tool Highlight

1. Multi-languages: Spanish, Slovenia, English, Greece, German, Danmark, Czechic, Chinese(Taiwan), Chinese(China), Amer English, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese(Brazil), Poland, Norwegian, Holand, Korea,  Japanese, Italy,  Indian, Hungary, French, French(Canada), Finland, Spanish(Mexico)

2.Support for Landrover and for Jaguar Scantool Diagnostics, Vehicle Reprogramming, Immobi and Smart key

3.Self-service equipment development

4. Upgrade Free online

5. Unlimited upgrades, always keep the latest software, and software of dealer shop in sync

6.provide free for jaguar and for land rover for JLR SDD registration code

7. Free Support:

(1). Reprogramming for all jaguar vehicles
(2). Reprogramming for all landrover vehicles
(3). No password for all jaguar key and smart key
(4). No password for all landrover key and smart key
(5). for JLR SDD Register Code is free for you

JLR SDD2 Powerful Functions

1. for JLR Approved device
2. Replacement for JLR SDD2
3. Most cost effective Jaguar pass-thru VCI device
4. Covers CAN, ISO9141, SCP Vehicle Networks
5. 12ft USB Cable as standard included
6. Best Suited for Legacy, Current and Future Vehicles
7. Easy to update for J2534 new functionality updates

JLR SDD 2 Available Options For Engineering Mode Password Calculator: 

       1.For Jaguar:
         CCF EDITOR
         ODO APP (X150)
         ODO APP (X250)
         ODO APP (X351)
         VIN BYPASS
         RECOVER KEYS (X351)
       2.For Land Rover:
         CCF EDITOR
         ODO APP (L316))
         ERASE KEYS (L322)
         ODO APP (L322)
         RECOVER KEYS (L322)
         OPTION 8
         VEHICLE UPDATE (Only Taiwan models)

JLR SDD2 Software Download

SDD V160: http://diagnosticdelivery.jlrext.com/idscentral (keep updating to the newest!)
Operation Notes: SDD2 can only work on Windows XP(SP2 or later),win 7, win 8 and win 10
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