Lonsdor KH100+ is upgrade version of KH100 key programmer, covers all functions of KH100 including: able to access control key, simulate/generate chip, generate remote (key), detect remote frequency, detect IMMO, unlock for Toyota smart key and etc. KH100+ is a is a versatile hand-held smart device like KH100.

Lonsdor KH100+

Lonsdor KH100+ Key Programmer Functions:

Identify Copy

Chip Simulation

Remote Generation

Remote Frequency

Access Control Key

Chip Generation

Coil Identification

Special Function


Comparing with KH100 Lonsdor KH100+ is far superior in below ways:

Lonsdor KH100+

  • 4-pack remotes & smart key involved
  • Handy chip holder integrated
  • 902MHZ supported
  • Longer distance data collection
  • More accuracy frequency detection
  • More user friendly
  • Faster running
  • Larger memory
  • Optimized power system(faster charge & heat protection)
  • Upgraded packaging

Check Lonsdor KH100 Remote key progrmmer user manual here.

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