There are many kinds of Mercedes Key programmer in the market. For DIYs , individual owners or mechanic, which tool is suitable for them?

Here summarize car list and year for some Mercedes key programmer including CGID MB, VVDI MB, Diagspeed, AK500, NECPRO57,which is popular in the market, hope this make help.

Comparison For Different  Mercedes Key Programmer

Mercedes Key Programmer


VVDI MB BGA tool main functions includes:

1. Read write key

2. EIS tools

3. Password calculation

4. Read/ Write Gateway


6. Prepare key File

7. Program ECU/Gearbox/ISM

8. Unlock ELV function will be released soon.

Car List:

W164, W164 2009+
A166, W197,W212, W218, A246
A169, W209, W211
W172, W204, A207
W204, W207, W212 only by dump
W209 only by dump
W215, W220

Work with old mercedes like W210, W203, W639, W220, W215, W169 before 2005

W639 worked perfect 2008 and 2009

W203 2001  2003 &2004 not by OBD only by IR

W210 1998

W-210 1998 year all key lost power adapter 17 min boom password calculation perfect 1998 year CLK

W639 2004:

2004 W639 all keys lost.

Used VVDI PROG to get dump and VVDI MB for key program

W210 W203 before 2005:

I made key on w210 and 203 before 2005 read eis on PIN OUT OR DESSOLDER mcu

W169 2009:

Yesterday read password on EIS W169 2009 FAILED Mmust read it on pin out or vvdi prog adapter

obd I can READ EIS status but fid no get password
And IR can not read any thing

I have token and not forget that token is free antelope 25 /02/19

Don’t forget all key was lost ( not add key by obd and token. … it is easy to do)

W639 2006:

W639 2006 it works direct by obd to add a new key

Never failed:

Never had any fails read with prog and calculate with mb prog


1.Add key or do all key lost: 211, 209, 204,207,212, 166,246, 197,164+, 216 EIS data via OBD

3.generate key date(HC05/908/912/9S12/ENC EIS/EZS)

4.Infrared key function

Read key pin code directly via infrared on parts of 209/211/220/215 EIS

Can read/write EIS via infrared

W220—test, read blank key, read wirte erase key, read EZS and password from key—works


Read EZS—obd works fine

Calculating pw from EZS —works fine online server

W212 2010 E250 Petrol Automatic works

W203 2004 Spare key making(read pass NEC Key by IR and calculate PSW)

W221 2010 Facelift S600 V12—works

W207 on Bench—OK

W203 2004 spare key making

W212 all key lost(done by OBD)

Works good to do W207 W204 lost keys on bench, use with VVDI cable.

W204 all key lost ok 100 percent

W209 545 31 08 on bench as add key: 15 minutes all done(all key lost failed, a friend do with W209 545 05 08 success PSW by IR without gateway)

W203 with W209 EZS all key lost—done


Original NEC Pro57

NEC Pro57 Functions:

  1. EIS Programming, erase EIS, erase ELV etc.
  2. ESL Programming
  3. ESL W204-W212 Renew
  4. Renew EIS incl. NEC IC
  5. Read data incl. CAN Adapter
  6. VIN Write New
  7. Read and Write BE Key
  8. All key lost and Keyless go
  9. Full technical support
  10. Many other functions is included only in NEC PRO57

Read V57 Key—yes

Read908 password—add free soon

Read 921 password—add later

W204 ESL—add later(low cost)

Offer w204 ESL later—yes

Add BGA Key—yes

Add smart key—add later

All key lost—add later

Keyless Go–no

Offer keys—yes

Offer smart keys later—yes

AK 500+

AK500 is a good eeprom programmer. No write MB key. It can renew NEC IC.

AK500+ works fine geniune key(renew nec chip). w203(motorola ROM secure mask 1J35JD) not work.

Read 1J35D on w203 EIS

AK 500+ Renew and write NEC keys

Can write old W206 Motorolla chip

Pros and Cons for Mercedes Key Programmer


Pros: VVDI BGA MB Never had any fails read with prog and calculate with mb prog.

not only supports Mercedes bga key online calculation, but works well on new Benz models supporting IR/OBD


VVDI MB need to work with VVDI PROG sometimes, some EIS and ecu that you can not do with vvdi mb tool independently. Such as w201 EIS or sprinter 906, and VVDI is little pricy for individual owner and DIYers.

For old Mercedes, VVDI need to dissemble EIS to add a new key.




CGDI Prog is the fastest key programming tool to calculate mercedes password and add key at present.

CGDI MB  can read FBS4 key information and check if the keys work correctly, while other mercedes key programmer can’t. Supports Mercedes FBS4 W447 cluster mileage reset(not all W447 cluster versions)

On old Mercedes, cgdi mb is able to OBD program a new key, no need to disassemble EIS.

Mercedes key programmer---CGDI PROG

Mercedes key programmer---CGDI PROG


CGDI prog not work with new Mercedes very well, doesn’t support BGA keys. CGDI work not on all by OBD,W906 Sprinter don’t work(CGDI supports W906 only CAN BUS not K-line), W230 SL55 AMG 2006 don’t work.


Original NEC Pro57

Pros: can program keys directly without dissemble,is the most powerful and best NEC programmer for Mercedes Benz, software supports update online.

Cons: this tool is very expensive, need 7000$! not suitable for DIYs or individual owners



Pros: AK500+ is the best mercedes key programmer for a beginner or anyone who looking for a decent mb key tool.AK500 is a good eeprom programmer. No write MB key. It can renew NEC IC, works fine geniune key(renew nec chip).

Cons:Can work for only ori NEC keys and older clone. Relative stable tool, but supports only old models and can make only ori NEC keys and older clone.

AK 500 kills the remote bytes and the remote door locks does not work anymore. Kills the flash of 9S12/HC12 EIS as well.

Mercedes Key programmer Conlusion

VVDI BGA tool and CGDI Prog are very popular at the market, are suitable for both DIYer, individual and mechanic . Many customers ask for FBS4 key tools, but there is no tool can caculate FBS4 key in the market yet. For FBS4 key programming,only the genuine xentry and daimler FBS server work.

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