Obdstar x300m Overview

OBDSTAR X300M is professional and universal odometer adjustment tool which covers many car brands in the world, newly launched by obdstar Company.OBDSTAR X300M

TOP 6 Reasons to Get obdstar x300m:

1. Free update for 1 year on www.obdstar.com . After 1 year, it will cost 85USD/year.
2. An excellent odometer adjustment tool launched by OBDSTAR, according to industrial standard,easy to take away and shockproofed.
3. Supports English Language
4. Dealer code: 860755B1
5. Standard configuration: Odometer adjustment + OBD2 (All cars can be adjusted Via obd)
6. Newest Update for Benz,for Volvo,for MQB,for Fiat.

This machine just gets better Mileage Correction latest cars just done 2018 Seat with smart key, 2017 T6 with adblue, 67reg Q3, 2017 Sportage, 2017 Mondeo, 2017 Corsa & 2016 Focus RS  all no problem {tho need a do trick on smart key}  all done simple plugin OBD. BRILLIANT UNIVERSAL MAKES FOR 2008-2018. 

How to use Obdstar x300m odometer correction tool?

1.Connect OBDSTAR X300M to you car via OBD2 scoket.


3.Select your car model->initializing…->authorizing…

4.Select your car model and year->MILEAGE ADJUSTMENT

5.Screen dispaly “communication”

6.Enter a filename to save

7.OBDSETAR X300M managed to read the current mileage

8.Input new mileage

9.Adjusting mileage…–>adjustment complete


How to update OBDSTAR X300M Software?

Step1. Before update OBDSTAR X300M Software you should first download the update tool software.

OBDStar X300M software download


Step2. Install the update tool software

Click “Next”→ Click “Next” →Click “Next” →Click “Finish”





  1. Update OBDSTAR X300M software

Open the software→ Click the source menu→ Choose the program you want to update, tick them→ Click “Update”

obdstar-x300m-odometer-adjust-5 obdstar-x300m-odometer-adjust-6 obdstar-x300m-odometer-adjust-7

Note: For new update software and questions during updateing,pls contact our service.


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