OP-COM is the diagnostic tool which cover almost all the Opel cars. OP-COM update the version to OP COM V1.95  and software no need to active. VXDAS.com share you  OPCOM Firmware V1.7 V1.59 V1.95 V1.99 Vaux-com 120309a Software Free Downlaod following.


OP-Com China Clone Firmware 1.7 Opcom Opel diagonistic interface with PIC18F458 chip


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  1. Works on XP WIN7
opcom Vaux-com 120309a install on Win 7:
If you install OP-COM VAUX-COM_120309a on Win 7, make use do following settings:
1) dotnetfx35_SP1 patch must be installed on Win 7, otherwise the software will not run properly
2) Open software as Administrator; check the installation video in CD first
  1. Works on Op-com firmware V1.7
  2. Works on Op-com firmware V1.65
How to update clone Opcom to firmware 1.7 1.65 Vaux-com 120309a?
The answer is the old Op-com firmware is not allowed to update, but buy firmware 1.7 / 1.65 less than $20, it’s just like you have one iPhone 7, you can only update the IOS version but not able to directly update the firmware to iPhone8.
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