The Autel MaxiSys league features high-end scan tools, where MS906 and MS908S stand out as competitive players in the market. However, things may get tricky when you’re deciding which to buy: what’s the difference between these two? And which is better?

To help you purchase wisely, we offer a full guide on how to select between MS906 and MS908S, as presented below:


Autel MaxiSys MS906 and MS908S have the same vehicle coverage (more than 80 US, Asian, and European makes), 33+ service funcitons, and bi-directional control. However, as an improved version of MS906, MS908S boasts extra points due to its enhanced performance. Yet that also leads to extra dollars in its price.

MS906 vs MS908S: Specs

MS906 vs MS908S: Compare

Autel MaxiSys MS906 and MS908S mianly differ in the following domains:


MS908S (11.8 x 2 x 8.7 inches) is a bigger version of MS906 (10.0 x 1.4 x 6.9 inches), with a larger 9.7″ screen (compared to the 8″ MS906 screen) and a heavier 1.1kg weight (MS906 is 0.93kg). This machine will offer you a wider operation field for data review and diagnosis, but it’ll be easier for you to move around with the more portable MS906. Also, they differ in exterior design, as MS908S has rubber protection on its four corners while MS906’s covers its both sides. Check the pictures below:

MaxiSys MS906

MaxiSys MS908

Which look do you prefer?


Instead of a single-band Wi-Fi as in MS906, MS908S features an ultrafast dual-band Wi-Fi that is twice as fast as any former generation of diagnostic systems. It allows mechanics to easily roam around the garage as they update the device or diagnose a car. You can connect MS908S via Bluetooth or VCI, but wireless connection is unavailable in MS906.


MS908S secures a stronger battery (11000 mAh 3.7 V) compared to MS906 (5000 mAh 3.7 V). The former can run up to 8 hours ceaselessly, while the latter comes with 6 hours of continuous runtime. Meanwhile, MS908S has a larger memory storage as it uses 64GB, while MS906 utilizes 32GB. So if you’re looking for a scan tool with high-level durability and capacity, then MS908S will be up to the mark.

MaxiSys MS908S


If you’re into bi-directional control, ABS bleeding brake, ECU coding or key fob programming, etc., MS906 will suffice thanks to its vast service coverage and intuitive interface. But if some more advanced function is on your checklist, such as ECU programming, then MS908S can definitely impress you. Equipped with oscilloscope and inspection camera, this device also allows you to detect hard-to-reach spots like the engine system.


Between these two versatile pro-level scanners, MS906 is a more economical choice free from any diasppointment. Nevertheless, if you’re a well-off demander of extra funtion, just head for the higher-end MS908S. All of its advantages listed above have explained why it’s worth the extra dollars.

Final Decision: Which is Better?

Before jumping into a conclusion, think clearly what you intend to use the scanner for. Advanced as MS908S is, the upped price is not trivial to most customers. Nevertheless, it’ll be a wise investment if this smart device can fit into your working pattern and maximize your intelligence.

So, what do you do?

● If you’re a busy technician or a manager bustling around an auto repair shop, then MaxiSys MS908 will be your powerful assistant.
● If you’re an at-home mechanic or garage owner, let the more pocket-firendly MaxiSys MS906 satisfy all your needs.
● For beginners and DIY enthusiasts, however, these scanners seem to be too costly to be just sitting around on the shelf. In that case, you can consult us freely for purchase recommendations.

Hope our humble expertise has solved your problem.

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