NexzDAS Lite Version is a full-system diagnostic tool which covers over 80 brands car models. NexzDAS Lite is really in hot sale recently, many customers try to get it for test from us. We also got some feedback, VXDAS here provide some reference for you.


NexzDAS Lite Version Overview:

Software Version: V3.4 (Free download from Google Play Store)

Connection: Bluetooth 4.2

Operation System: Android

Update Method: One-Key online update ( $10 for each car model renewal update)

After-Sales Service: 2 Year Warranty; Free technical support by remote

NexzDas Lite Version


NexzDAS Lite Version Basic OBDII Functions:

  1. Read/Clear DTC
  2. Live Data
  3. Freeze Frame
  4. Smog Check
  5. O2 Sensor
  6. Mode 6
  7. MIL Status
  8. Vehicle Info
  9. Battery Test
  10. Quick Scan
  11. Report Review


NexzDAS Lite Version Special Functions:

  1. Oil Reset
  2. TPMS
  3. Injector
  4. EPB
  5. DPF
  6. Battery
  7. ABS Bleed
  8. SAS
  9. TPS

Note: If you need a special function in the future, you just need to pay the external price to upgrade.

(10$/each special function)

you can buy the special via the following link: NexzDAS Lite Special Functions

After payment, just keep our order number & product’s serial number contact our sales, we will open a special function for you in our system.


NexzDAS Lite Version Feedback:

  1. Hamad from Malawi: Easy to register and operate, Bluetooth connected well, they help me when I have problems in connection, work step by step and show me videos, so helpful for me since I was use this the first time. I have test it in my Isuzu car model, full scan in a fast speed, basic functions enough for me now, will learn more in the ABS or something, good partner to work!
  2. Jesus from Mexico:

eedback of NexzDas Lite


We also welcome more of the feedback from you, just try it and let us know!


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