FVDI 2018 is the latest version FVDI Abrites Commander FVDI Full Diagnostic Tool. FVDI Full Commander with 18 software and no time limited. It covers all functions of FVDI2014, FVDI2015, and covers most functions of VVDI2.

FVDI_2018 full package


VXDAS team collected and organized a series of feedback from our customers. Here we would like to share some errors and solutions to you.


1. QuickLoader.exe -Application Error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

Solution: Run the “Patch” file, right click on the software icon on the desk, open the file position and you will find it.


2. Online activation: Connection to server…failed

FVDI 2018 error code

Solution: the server is maintaining, you can contact us to confirm.


3. Error message “Performing HW synchronization over internet…Failed to synchronize HW, Hours left: 0”

FVDI 2018 error code

Solution: It is normal prompt. Just click “OK” to ignore it.


More errors and solutions are still on the way, to be continued… Welcome to all of your feedback!


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