GODIAG GD801 is a multi- functional tool at 2021, supports not only key programming, but also mileage correction, oil/service reset and special functions like ABS bleed, gear learning, EPB, TPS, SRS reset etc. covers wide range of vehicles,featured powerful function, and provides precise result

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GODIAG GD801 Highlights:

1. Full Configuration: Immobilizer + odometer Adjustment + EEPROM/PIC Adapter + OBDII + ABS + Gear Learning + CVT Reset + Battery Match + EPB + TPS + SRS Reset + Low Tire + Steering Angle Reset + DPF Reset + Oil Nozzle Code.

2. Powerful Key Programming Function.

3. Diagnostic Function: Classify special function: ABS, EEPROM Adapter,Battery match, CVT learning, EPB, Gear learning, Immobilizer, TPMS (low tire) reset, Cluster calibrate,steering angle reset.
Specially designed for Android platform with clear and user-friendly interface.

4. Maintenance database: Equipped with powerful database.

5. One Key Upgrade: Built-in WIFI mode can realize application downloading and diagnostic function by one key upgrade. Free Update online for 1 year.

6. System setting: Set VCI formation, language, unit, data logging, user information etc.

7. Remote assistance: Achieve remote assistance by this function.

8. Support Multi-Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Geman, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, etc.

9. Support Malaysian Proton Perodua with Extra Software License

10. Support Indian Maruti Mahindra TATA with Extra Software License

11. With Free Gift GT100 OBDII Detector

GODIAG GD801 Key Programming Functions:

Programming & Erase Keys
Programming Remote
Pincode Read
Key Numbers Read
EEPROM Chip Reading
OBDII Diagnosis

GODIAG GD801 Mileage Correction Functions:

Read Odometer
Write Odometer
Read Flash
Write Flash
Read Eeprom
Write Eeprom
One-Click Upgrade
Wide Vehicle Coverage

Check Godiag GD801 IMMO and Mileage Correction Functions List Below:

Godiag GD801 IMMO Function List Free Download

GODIAG GD801 Mileage Correction Car List


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