LISHI Lock Pick HU100R 2 in 1 tools for Locksmiths

Lishi Lock Pick HU100R is one of the most practical locksmith tools to unlock BMW after 2012. Each tool combines a key way-specific molded pick channel, along with a single hook-pick lever, tension bar, and even a decoding interface. Lishi Lock Pick and decoder tools cover by far popular residential keyway. These LishiLock Pick tools can [...]

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GODIAG GD801 Multi-functional Key Programmer 2024

GODIAG GD801 is a multi- functional tool at 2021, supports not only key programming, but also mileage correction, oil/service reset and special functions like ABS bleed, gear learning, EPB, TPS, SRS reset etc. covers wide range of vehicles,featured powerful function, and provides precise result .  Order G.D 801 get free Gift GT100 OBDII Detector. GODIAG GD801 [...]

Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ECU Clone User Manual

Yanhua Mini ACDP is a professional key programmer, supports WIFI connection. Mobile phone based operating system, flexible choice of module functions, no need to remove chip and soldering-free. MINI ACDP with 12 model covers multi brand vehicle and function. Add keys, reset Mileage, all key lost, read and write EEPROM etc. Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ECU [...]

Xtool X100 Pad BMW EWS2/EWS3/EWS3 User Manual

Xtool X100 Pad inlcuding Xtool X100 Pad2/Pad3(also know as X100 PAD Elite), professional auto key programmers support not only key programming but also other advanced special functions inlcuding oil service light reset, timing belt service light reset, tire pressure warning light reset, EPB reset, throttle body reset, DPF reset, battery reset, steering angle calibration and OBD-II [...]

VVDI MB Tool or CGDI MB or AK500 or Other Mercedes Key Programmer

VVDI MB Tool , cgdi mb and AK500 are all well-known mercedes key programmers in the auto after-market. What are the difference among vvdi mb tool, cgdi mb and ak500 pro2 auto key programmer? Which one is the best mercedes key programmer for you to choose? VVDI MB VS. CGDI MB VS. AK500 PRO2:    Function/Product [...]

How to Choose Auto Key Programmer ?

Many auto workshop and beginners try to occupy the key programmer industry. But at the beginning, they have no idea of how to choose an auto key programmer for their own use. Usually they follow up those veteran person to buy what they used before. It may be wrong, because the veteran person have profound resources to earn [...]

How to Update CN900 Mini Firmware to V1.50.2.23?

CN900 mini key programmer is the replacement of CN900 key programmer. The firmware of CN900 mini already update to V1.50.2.23. VXDAS would like to share the instruction to update the firmware here.   CN900 Mini v1.50.2.23 Update Information: Add Detect Hitag AES(7A),88. CN5, CN5-new to cpy 4C, 4D or 64 added and to generate. Add Toyota [...]

JMD Handy Baby II Chip Copy Machine Key Programmer Update Manual

Handy baby ii is the new generation of chip copy machine released by JMD. JMD handy baby ii improved much more functions than handybaby key programmer. So if you are looking for one functional key chip copy machine, you can choose the new JMD Handy Baby II key chip copy programmer. Handy baby ii key programmer functions: [...]

Top 5 Professional Car Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Scanner Buying Guide

Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool are made to perform advanced diagnosis of cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. Car diagnostic tool can analyze problems and also recommend fixes via OBD2 port.There are many auto diagnostic tool in the share top 5 car diagnostic tool OBD2 scanner in 2018 to help you choose a suitable one.   1.DS150  Diagnostic  [...]

How to Solve Lonsdor K518ISE AUTO Key Programmer Update Error”Renew Firmware”

Lonsdor K518ISE AUTO key programmer is the most powerful car diangostic and key programming tool at present. K518ISE car key programmer for all makes with odometer adjustment no token limitation and support online share you solutions about Lonsdor K518ISE AUTO Key Programmer update error"Renew Firmware".   Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer with Odometer Adjustment Tool Update Online [...]

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