VVDI MB Tool or CGDI MB or AK500 or Other Mercedes Key Programmer

VVDI MB Tool , cgdi mb and AK500 are all well-known mercedes key programmers in the auto after-market. What are the difference among vvdi mb tool, cgdi mb and ak500 pro2 auto key programmer? Which one is the best mercedes key programmer for you to choose? VVDI MB VS. CGDI MB VS. AK500 PRO2:    Function/Product [...]

CGDI Prog MB Activation Guide [2019 Update]

CGDI Prog MB Car Key Programmer support all key lost for Benz. Recently some customers asked about the CGDI Prog MB activation frequently. VXDAS would like to share the way how to activate the CGDI Prog MB for you.   CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer   When received the CGDI Prog MB, it will need activation. [...]

Best Mercedes Key Programmer for Mercedes FBS4 Key Programming 2019

What's the best Mercedes Key Programmer you recommended? I need a tool work on FBS4 for Mercedes Benz key programming, The newest Benz cars have FBS4, my AK500 Mercedes Key programmer not working on this, I think I need purchase a best new Mercedes key programming, pls help. How to Choose Mercedes Key Programmer Cover FBS4, BGA, NEC? The hot sale [...]

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