Difference between KP127 Toyo Key Pro OBD II Support Toyota and KP123 TOYO Key Pro OBD II ?


Have you ever been looking forward to a professional Toyo key programmer?Or maybe you have heard the name of KP123 Toyo Key Pro OBD II if you have had a lot of Toyota owner customer?

But what about me putting forward KP127 Toyota Key Pro OBD II?Will you be confused ,too? Let me go through some basics before our make these difference clear.

The first topic is what KP123 Toyota Key Pro OBD II is and what things it can do for us.


What KP123 Toyo Key Pro OBD II is?

KP123Toyota Key Pro OBD II is a professional key programmer for Toyota vehicles.As you can see from the picture below, it has blue and black color which we will send randomly.

It need to work together with cn900mini by Bluetooth, and operate on cn900mini screen.


The functions of KP123 Toyo Key Pro OBD II:

  1. TOYO-G(80bit) all key lost, write chips!
    TOYO-8A(128bit) all key lost, write chips!
    3. TOYO-smart card all key lost, write chips!
    4. DAI-G(80BIT) all key lost, write chips!
    5. NO need to take out instrument desk! to avoid damaging the car system.

What are their difference?

Then we can talk about the basics of KP127 Toyo Key Pro OBD II. As you can image,KP123 and KP127 are so similar,the KP127 Toyota Key Pro OBD II,the updated equipment of KP123 Toyota Key Pro OBD II, just added some features which  the latter doesn’t exist. For instance, it can work alone while the latter cannot do without the assistance of MINI CN900 or MINI ND900. For that part,their gap can be around 70USD. If you are curious about their price, please click their picture.



Apart from its features you can see in the above picture, it is quite thrilling to find it also have 3 exciting characteristics.

  • Smart – Never erase immobilizer data, only import the new and available data in.
  • Easy – Programmed via OBD-2 alone with 6 steps, no need to connect with any other machine / PC / Bluetooth.
  • Safe – We have assembled our technical teams and offering technology support for this OBD.


User manual

The last part is about user manual.

For KP123 Toyo Key Pro OBD II users,

TOYO with G all key lost, how to program new key by TJECU CN900Mini and Bluetooth TOYO Key OBD II key pro


How to activate TOYO Key OBDII to work with CN900 Mini in order to Program Toyotda G Key?


For KP127 Toyo Key Pro OBD II users,

TOYO KEY PRO OBD II Operating Steps

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