Launch X431 series just releases Diagun V. But many people may be confused about their difference.So this article compares Launch x431 diagnostic tool.


Launch X431 Diagun V:

  • Real similar a mobile phone
  • Not bad for the cost.
  • Best portable scan tool for auto technician and mobile mechanic!

More details about Launch X431 Diagun V

Launch X431 Diagun V vs Launch X431 Diagun VI

Launch X431 Diagun V


Launch Diagun V vs. Pro Mini:

  • Function: same
  • Diagun IV: looks like a mobile phone
  • Pro mini: looks like a tablet.
  • Price: Diagun IV is more cheaper than Pro mini.


Launch X431 V vs. X431 V+:

Launch x431 scan tools Launch X431 V+ Launch X431 V
Price $1,099.00 $856.00
Operation system Android Android
Screen size 10.1 inch 8 inch
Resolution 1280*800 1280*800
L*W*Hmm 276×206×55mm 210*125*8.95mm
Weight 1.27kg 0.33kg
Processor 1.3GHz4 cores 1.0GHz4 cores
Cache 1GB 1GB
Hard disk 16GBSupport a 64GTF card 16GBSupport a 64GTF card
Battery 7000mAh 4200mAh
Communication wifi/4G module wifi/4G module

Function: same

Size: X431 V 8inch     X431 V+10.1 inch

Price: X431 V is cheaper


That’s no difference if you don’t have heavy truck diagnosis.

X431 V+ & HD model used for heavy truck diagnosis.



Launch X431 Pro Mini vs. Pros Mini:

No difference in function.

Only the calling and color are different.


Launch X431 Diagun IV vs. Snap-On Verus vs. Autel:

Launch X431 Diagun IV has the full bidirectional control capability.

There is nothing the versus scan tool can do that the Diagun cannot.

Sometimes you need a power Arsenal.


Turn on time:

Snap on =1:21

Autel = 0:37

Launch = 0:16


Launch x431 ThinkDiag vs Launch Easydiag 3.0 Plus

Launch Thinkdiag is more powerful than Launch Easydiag 3.0 plus.

  • Launch Easydiag 3.0 plus only support 4 systems. In contrast, Launch X431 Thinkdiag can support full systems.
  • Launch Easydiag 3.0 plus only support 70+ vehicles. On the contrary,Thinkdiag can support 150+ vehicles.That’s to say,around 95% of the car brands in the market are in its support list.
  • Launch Easydiag 3.0 plus can’t support full OBD2 functions. While Launch X431 Thinkdiag manage to do that.


X431 PAD vs X431 GDS vs X-431 Diagun III vs X431 IV vs X431 V (X-431 Pro) vs X431 V+ (X-431 Pro3)


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