Have you dreamed of a handy, efficient but inexpensive diagnostic tool?Here comes Launch X431 Thinkdiag. This is the lastest and hottest Automotive Diagnostic Device in 2020.
Thikdiag is an automotive diagnstic tool that can read/delete error codes just like Easydiag.
But unlike Launch  Easydiag, it is much more powerful in its compatibility and functions.
  • Easydiag only support 4 systems. In contrast, Launch Thinkdiag can support full systems.
  • Easydiag only support 50+ vehicles. On the contrary,Thinkdiag can support 150+ vehicles.That’s to say,around 95% of the car brands in the market are in its support list.
  • Easydiag can’t support full OBD2 functions. While Launch Thinkdiag manage to do that.
But just a simple comparsion may be not enough to convince you it is a code reader that you can’t miss in 2020. Just follow me and go depth into its advantages.

Why you need to have a Launch ThinkDiag?

1.Easy to use,Easy to connect.

If you are a Easydiag verteran user, it is not hard for you to guess that this Launch automible code scanner may also support Android & iOS system just like Easydiag. Due to its light weight and small dimension just like an apple, you can easily put it into your palm,connect it via bluetooth and check the data shown in your mobile phone.
What’s more, its bluetooth signal is quite stable. That means it will not interfere your other bluetooth devices. And you can rely on it to check all the diagnostics condition you wanna know.
And some people may find it quite hard to resist its charm–you can connect Thinkdiag to multiple smartphone just with the same account. So whether you are changing your phone or not will not matter so much to this equipment usage.
Please notice:Thinkdiag is not only supported by the official IOS or Android system. So you can’t connect it to a laptop or a computer.

2.More comprehensive vehicle coverage

If you are owners or mechanic of different vehicles, I can dare say that you can’t find a more powerful automobile diagnotics tool like Launch X431 Thinkdiag do.
It covers up to 115 vehicle brands that are specific to each car model or series so you don’t need multiple expensive special equipments. And it will keep undpating to include more. It means that you can hardly  worry that your car is not compatible with your diganostics tool.
And if you want to connect Thinkdiag to different vehicles, it only need 2 steps:
  • simply use the same account to log into a new smartphone.
  • restore the previously purchased software by downloading it on the new phone.

3.Full OBDII and EOBD functions yet not expensvie at all

As you may know, read error codes ,delete car wrong errors and reset the system are the basic functions of a dignostic tool. But Thinkdiag can never satistfy itself to medium. It aims to be a $3000 level professional scan tool.
It is also equipped with
  • Enhanced tests for full electronic control system (such as ABS and SRS)
  • Actuation tests that allow you to test each system actuator such as doors, windows or windscreen wipers to identify malfunction causes.
  • Live data stream graphing gives you a visual comparison of multiple real-time data to better understand your car.
  • Bidirectional functions let you send and receive commands from the ECU.
Please check its full OBD functions below:
Now it also covers all OBD2 system like Airbag,SRS,Engine,Gearbox,AT,just you name it. You can totally check the car situation all by yourself and thus save you unnecessary maintenance fee. If  you feel not enough with checking data graph in the small mobile screen, you can download it in PDF format.
If you are satisfied with its functions and compatablity, do you wonder how much it is? It is only around 119 USD selling in our website now. You can just click one picture and grap one for your vehicles now:)

4.Considerate after-sales services

After you buy Launch x431 thinkdiag, you can enjoy 1-year free manufacturer warranty.
Besides,you will have 3 free software including DEMO +EOBD2+ 1 car software for the first year.After you activated your account for 1 year,you will need to pay annual fee for software usage. The manufacturer software price for each is $39.95 /year. While the reset software price for each is  $49.95 /year.

5.Multiple language support

If you are not a native English speaker, this code reader may win your hearts easily. Thinkdiag diagnostic software supports the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Persian, Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Turk-ish, Serbian, and Croatian.
Your repair work will be made more eaier because there will not be language difficulty.

How to use Launch Thinkdiag OBD2 Full System?

  1. Insert THINKDIAG into vehicles’s OBD II port.
  2. Connect THINKDIAG with smartphone via Bluetooth.
  3. THINKDIAG decodes VIN automatically.
  4. Start communicating with ECU,scanning fault codes.
  5. Select the function to use depending on your needs
  6. Generate a diagnostic report.

Thinkdiag VS Thinkcar VS Bluedriver

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