Renolink is the first pick-up for Renault ECU programming. Here lists related FAQs for your reference.


Download link:Renault Renolink V1.52

License Request+Instructions for Renault OBD linkSX USB Renolink 1.87


2 .User manual:

Renolink 1.52

How to activate your Renolink 1.87 software license software?

Picture manual:How to Install Renolink OBD2 ECU Programmer Software On Windows7

Video manual:How to install Renolink OBD2 Renault ECU Programmer on win7



3.The overview of Renolink V1.52

The overview of Renolink V1.87


4.The comparison of Renault OBD link-sxUSB Renolink V1.87 and Renolink V1.52

5.Where to buy?

Renolink V1.52

Renolink V1.87

6.Renolink Review:

I use it for:

Renault clio 3 2008, DCM 1.2 Ecu mileage change-OK

Renault twingo 2 2008 dashboard mileage change-Ok

Renault megane 2 2008 key card programming-OK

Renault megane 3 2009 ecu km SID 305 mileage-OK

Renault megane 3 2012 ecu km SID 307 mileage-not OK, read Ok, write km changed successuful but didnt change


– good tool airbag clear crash full 2017+ uch and key and read pin good just km change little bad not supported new 4 series and ecu change km.

– On some versions software airbag unit RSAT4 Logan2/Sandero2 ph1/FL, SPC processor, LED failure on dash not getting off, no failure indication present, reset button stays grey ( inactive )

I am not fond of resetting airbag units but if you want do this, beware.


I programmed few days ago a new key for my scenic 2pH 2 using a Renolink interface 1.49 from China.You should first get the right pin then enter in after sale mode.Program all the keys and then vadidate.You have to go to Misc/Key/choose Uch scenic 2.then connect. If all is Ok you can see and copy the pin. Then return to the main soft and find the Uch ecu(Uch 84 j84…) then go to after sale. Copy the pin in “code apy” and push “armer mode apres vente”,You can now program your keys.


7.Other questions that you may find ineteresting about Renolink:

Can Renolink do odometer correction?



Renolink can change vin?



Renolink clone can program an ecu and make new keys?

It can work for some but not all. You should test it by yourself.


Renolink has the English version only?Any French version?

The menu is in English. But the language can be French when you connect the cable to some vehicles.


Will Renolink add key and correct mileage on a Renault Megane 2016?



Can I install Renolink 1.52 software on Windows 7?

Yes,100% tested.


Support protocol KWP2000?



Do diagnostic tests on Renault ?



If the system says “Invalid interface”, what should I do?

Go to computer management to setup the driver. If it doesn’t work,try to unplug and plug the cable.


Can Renolink OBD cable program a new keys?

Yes,you can install Renault.


Is it possible to install Renolink software on multiple devices?

Yes,you can install Renolink on different vehicles.


Can I use Renolink for programming Renolink software on multiple devices?

Yes,you can install Renolink on different laptops.



All in all,Renolink is a professional programming device for programming electronic control units in Renault and Dacia vehicles, including new models recently produced.

Renolink has many features like UCH matching, airbag programming, engine ECU programming, key coding, key deletion, dashboard coding,
eprom and flash reading and writing in Renault and Dacia vehicles.

You can connect Renolink programmer device to vehicles via OBD socket, and you can make programming easily and delete memory and introduce units without disassembling ECU, EPROM and flash drives.

Thanks to the Renolink, you can easily virginize and re-program the parts like UCH, motor bracket,indicator, airbag module, fuse table, which are installed new or used ones on the Renault and Dacia vehicles.


If you find more useful information about Renolink,we will be much appreciated for your help~And we will update it quickly.

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