Renolink OBD2 V1.87  and Renolink V1.52, which worth buying?


Product Renolink OBD2 V1.87 Renolink OBD2 V1.52
Language crack type only support English French and English
System Win XP,Win 7 The same.
Function -Eprom read/write

-ECU resetting

-Clear Crash Airbag

-Airbag reset

-Airbag Virginize


-KEY Programming

-Indicator Programming

-ECM Programming

-UCH Programming

-EPS Virginizer

-EPS Resetting

The same.
Activation Comparison Crack version.Does not need require activation.But need to install driver. The same.


Some new features was added in USB Renolink OBD2 V1.87.

Features What was added?
Software Database Software Database RENOLINK v1.87 (2019)
Dashboard read/write eeprom and read/write flash for dashboard Dacia Logan2 / Dacia Sandero2 / Dacia Lodgy / Dacia Docker / Dacia Duster ph2 from years 2013-2014 and 2014-2017
Read and wite write flash ,eeprom and km for dashborad(VDO) Mégane 3

Fluence 2015+

read and write flash, eeprom and km for dashborad Laguna 3
– read/write km – read/write eeprom – read/write flash for dasboard Renault Fluence
Read/write km for dashboard Renault Modus
Read/write km, read/write eeprom for dashboard Koleos
KEY key programming UCH BMT Sagem Dacia Solenza, Dacia Supernova, Renault Twingo, Renault Kangoo, Renault Master (years 1998-2003)
KEY PROG–key programming
  • Dacia Logan 2
  • Dacia Sandero 2
  • Dacia Duster ph 2
  • Dacia Lodgy
  • Dacia Dokker
  • Renault Clio Symbol 3


Appearance OBD link-sxUSB Renolink V1.87 interface is red.

OBD link-sxUSB Renolink V1.52 interface can be red or blue.

Printed Circuit Board OBD link-sxUSB Renolink V1.87 PCB is better quality and its color is red.

OBD link-sxUSB Renolink V1.52 PCB is green.

You can check the picture of Renolink OBD2 Renault V1.87 and Renolink V1.52 here.
Renolink V1.52
Renolink V1.52
Renolink V1.52
Renolink V1.52
Renolink V1.87
Renolink V1.87

New features

In this version was implemented:
– reading of PIN code for HFM Renault Clio 4 and Renault Captur 2016+, a valid Card is required to teach HFM, because the procedure virginses it.
Also a new database from december 2019 was added.
this version we added cards programming for Clio4 (2012-2015), also a new database from July 2019
Was added into this update:
deletion immo code from the power steering (DAE) in Dacia Duster ph3.
the encoding is automatic – at the first ignition.
Was added: learn ecu from DACIA Logan 2 / DACIA Sandero / DACIA Lodgy / DACIA Docker / DACIA Duster ph2 
This update is for well known problem with ECM V42 )

-Clear Crash Airbag
-Read/write eeprom
-EPS Virginizer
-TDB (cluster) and much more
All functions work by OBD connector !!!

You can check their pcitures below:

Renolink V1.87
Renolink V1.87
Renolink V1.87
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