PIWIS 2 is a dealer level diagnostic and programming tool for Porsche vehicles till before 2017. With  V18.100 porsche softwae, supports functions : clear error code, catch data stream, computer programming match, component test, maintenance information consult, components site drawing, wiring diagram. We received question from customers about piwis 2 wifi issue currently. VXDAS provide wifi configuration setting instruction here.



PIWIS Tester 2 Diagnostic Tool For Porsche Overview

1. Hardware Option: Wifi version or without wifi version

2. Software Version (Option): V18.100 support Porsche cars before 2017 (Win7)

3. Support Languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch

4. Update Method: by HDD (It can not be updated online.) The software contains operating system already, you just need to insert into your computer and use it.

5. Requires Online Modules: (F BCM R BCM DME ELV SRS KEY)

Bluetooth, GPS, and Navigation Function are available. But you need to pay for the authorization of them.

PIWIS Tester 2 Diagnostic Tool Vehicle Coverage

1. 911(997) (991)
2. Boxster/Cayman (987)
3. Cayenne up to MY 2010
4. Cayenne from MY 2011
5. Panamera
6. Support 2013 year Porsche car models

WIFI PIWIS 2 Highlight

1. Wifi Piwis 2 Porsche diagnostic tool support wireless connect with Laptop

2. Wifi Piwis 2 support wifi connection without a router

3. Wifi Piwis 2 with the newest Piwis 2 software support Porsche Car till 2016. (kindly note, this is only Piwis 2 hardware not included Piwis 2 software)

4. Wifi Piwis 2 is more convenient for a workshop for Porsche diagnosis. (Porsche online programming had better use USB cable connection, it’s more stable and safe)

How To Set PIWIS 2 WIFI?

Customers often asked that “i’m trying to connect to the PIWIS and unable, does this need to be something specific? ”

“Device is recognized via USB in PIWIS settings, but WLAN can not be found on laptop”

here is WIFI Setting Instruction”



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