Piwis tester 2 is a dealer level diagnostic tool for Porsche vehicles before 2017. Covers functions including read/clear error code, catch data stream, computer programming match, component test, maintenance information consult, components site drawing, wiring diagramrs etc. VXDAS Provides  Piwis 2 Panasonic CF-30 Tablet Installed V18.150.500 Software Full set ready to use.

piwis tester 2

Piwis Tester 2 User Tips

One customer ordered piwis 2+ Panasonic CF30 laptop full set told us that he met issue below:

“It seems that the module is not able to communicate with the car (Cayenne 9PA) as the PIWIS software is always generating the following error code :99010 and 99011 communication module not plugged . Everything is plugged correctly so I wonder what is wrong.”

“I pluged piwis tester 2 into the Porsche car OBD2 : red lights “status” and “power” are ONI pluged the usb into the computer and nothing change. I guess USB should be then lightened.I plugged another USB into the Panasonic, I here a sound and the computer starts loading the USB

If I do it with the USB from the piwis tester 2, nothing happens. So it’s not the panasonic USB that has a problem.

Or the usb cable from Samtec, OR the samtec itself got a communication problem.

Can I go to wifi without the usb cable ?”

piwis tester 2

How to slove this problem for piwis tester 2?

First, change the USB cable connect to other USB port (backside) of Panasonic CF-30 laptop

piwis tester 2

Secondly, access to power plug,connect car and start the engine, send team viewer, provide us video or picture to check connection status.

piwis tester 2

piwis tester 2

piwis tester 2

Third, change USB driver, check with the drive can be recognized.


Fourth, connect piwis tester 2 to other laptop and check whether the drive can be installed.

Checked– piwis tester2 driver can not be installed at other laptops.

There tester 2 hardware is defective, need to return hardware with the USB & OBD cable to change new one.


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