ODIS Software V23.0 Update Supports Vehicles

Latest ODIS software V23.0 comes with ODIS V23.0 full software+ODIS Engineer Software V17.0Version+ETKA 8.3 +Elsawin 6.0 + V-CDS V23.3. ODIS Win10 64bit V23.0 software supports diagnosis, online/offline programming and coding for VAG group vehicles till 2022, compatible with hardware VAS5054 and VAS6154. ODIS Software V23.0 Overview 1. ODIS V23.0 Software HDD/SSD Included: (1) ODI-S 23.0 includes: [...]

Free Download ODIS 7.21 Software for VAS504A, VAS6154

vag odis software has updated to 7.21. odis 7.21 can work with vas5054a and vas6154 diagnostic tool. we have the odis 7.21 software available, if you wanna try to install the odis 7.21 by yourself, you can get the link of odis 7.21 software here. ODIS 7.21 and postsetup + Flashdata without the activation files. https://mega.nz/#F!xB8wHIRD!JyYLxBi-ktDbPSOhkWUjnQ [...]

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