TOPDON ArtiDiag 800BT  is a new released OBD2 scanner,can get quick access to all available electronic systems, such as Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ABS, SRS, EPB, Immobilizer, Doors, Air Conditioning, Gateway, etc. Covers more than 96 vehicle brands and over 10000 vehicle models worldwide, lifetime free update online.

TOPDON ArtiDiag 800BT

TOPDON ArtiDiag 800BT Diagnostic Tool Overview

1. 5.99-inch LCD touch screen, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, and 3100mAh battery

2. supported Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, One-Click on the tablet via software upgrade.

3. Lifetime Free Update Online & 2 Years warranty, All supported car brands softwares are included, no need to buy.

4. Supported Languages; English, Russian,French, Spanish,Portuguese,German, Japanese,Italian, Polish

ArtiDiag 800BT Powerful Functions

Frist, covers 28 special functions.

TOPDON ArtiDiag 800BT

  1. Maintenance Light Reset
  2. Steering Angle Reset
  3. Injector Coding
  4. Battery Matching
  5. ABS Bleeding
  6. Throttle Matching
  7. Electronic Parking Brake Reset
  8. DPF Regeneration
  9. Anti-theft Matching
  10. Tire Pressure Reset
  11. Suspension Level Calibration
  12. Headlight Matching
  13. Gearbox Matching
  14. Sunroof Initialization
  15. EGR Adaption
  16. Tooth Learning

other more…

Secondly, all System Diagnoses for a Comprehensive Inspection

TOPDON ArtiDiag 800BT

  • Version Information: Read the current version information of ECU;

  • Read Faults Code: Read DTCsin the ECUmemoryandquickly identify the cause of the vehicle issues;

  • Clear Fault Code: Clear DTCsof the ECU memory of the tested system;

  • Read Data Stream: Read and display the real-time data of ECU in various modes (text, waveform, etc.).

TOPDON ArtiDiag 800BT Supported Vehicle List

supports more than 96 vehicle brands and over 10000 vehicle models worldwide, covering European, Asian, American, and Australian vehicle makes and models.

TOPDON ArtiDiag 800BT

TOPDON ArtiDiag 800BT  In-Use


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