Xtool KC501 is a professional key and chip programmer, powerful in fucntion and fasionable in appearance, work with Xtool x100 pad3, supports  read & write keys, read key remote frequency and generate dealer keys, supports pc or tablet connection. KC501 programmer is pre-order now, coming soon at vxdas.com

xtool kc501

Xtool KC501 Powerful functions

Read and Write Keys

KC501 supports read and write keys, support read key remote frequency as well as generate dealers key.

Read and write MCU/EEPROM Chips

KC501 can read and write MCU/EEPROM Chips.

Read and write Mercedes Infrared Keys

KC501 can read and write Mercedes Infrared Keys, is a perfect key programmer for Mercedes Car Owner.

KC501 Parameters

Display Screen: 320×480 dpi TFT Colorful Screen
Working Voltage: 9V-18V
Working Temperature: -10℃-60℃
Storage Temperature: -20-60℃
Power Supply: 12V DC

What’s difference between Xtool KC50 1and KC100 IMMO Adapter?

xtool kc501

Xtool KC501 User Tips

The anti-theft matching function is an operation to synchronize the car key with the anti-theft data of the vehicle

Synchronize key data to car

Write vehicle data to the key


Key data reading and writing
Method 1: Ignition coil.

xtool kc501

Method 2: by programmer

xtool kc501

Car immo data reading and writing

Method 1: Read through OBD port

xtool kc501

Method 2: Physical reading

xtool kc501

Buttons description:

xtool kc501

1.Power connector
2. USB communication port
3.DB26 port
4. Cross signal pin
5. EEPROM locker
6. EEPROM slot
7. Indicator
8. Display
9. Frequency detection button
10. ID detection button
11. Key chip hole
12. Key slot
13. Remote sensing area
14. Mercedes-Benz Infrared Hole

Scenes to be used:

xtool kc501

Xtool KC501 parts and accessories:

xtool kc501

Xtool KC501 works with xtool x100 pad3

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