VXDAS auto accessories November new arrivals including jump starter, Air Ratchet Wrench, Car Ice Scraper and Petrol Gas Engine Cylinder Compression Tester, to help you know your car better . More tools are coming soon.

1.Auto Accessories—-Petrol Gas Engine Cylinder Compression Tester

Auto Accessories---Petrol Gas Engine Cylinder Compression Tester

Petrol Gas Engine Cylinder Compression Tester Kit Specification

Measurement Range: 21(MPa)

Precision Level: Precision

Connection Type: Threaded connection

Nominal diameter: 70mm

Ambient Temperature: Room temperature (℃)

Usage: Gasoline car, motorcycle cylinder gauge

How To Use Compression Tester?

1. Start the engine until the normal operating temperature is reached.

2. Loosen all spark plugs for one or two turns and drive the engine with the starter (but don’t let the engine start) for 5-10 seconds, which will disperse the dust around the spark plug bottom and prevent it from falling into the cylinder

3, Remove all spark plugs carefully, visual inspection of the spark plug can find a lot of problems, such as: spark plug oil, piston ring is broken or valve tube wear, burnt spark plug means vacuum leakage.

4. Fully open the carburetor valve and see if this is the case.

5. with the starter to drive the engine, the pressure gauge rubber refractory cone tightly pressed the spark plug hole.

6. Use the starter to drive the engine until a slight pulse occurs on each compression stroke through the four compression processes. Pay attention to the readings of the first and fourth strokes. Make sure the battery is fully charged, the starter is in good condition and the engine is running at normal speed. If using the starter to drive the engine too slowly may lead to false results.

7. After reading the measurement, pull down the relief valve at the cone end to reduce pressure.


The engine is in good condition under the following conditions:

1. First stroke 50-70 LBS/h 2 (PSI)

2. The last stroke is within the rated technical conditions

3. The difference between cylinders is less than the fixed difference

Note: Cylinder difference should not exceed 10-15 psi (for Ford, the minimum should be less than 3/4 (70%) of the maximum)

2.Car Ice Scraper 2 in 1

This is a mutli-functional snow brush for car windowns and windshield,  come with soft thick snow brush, comfort foma grip and detachable design,

make snow removal easier and more effective.

Auto accessories--- car scraperAuto accessories---ice scraper

Car Ice Scraper 2 in 1 Snow Brush Overviewe

Color: Yellow, Blue, Orange

Brush Material: PP

Shovel Material: ABS + Aluminum Alloy

Minimum Appearance Size: 60*24*7cm

Appearance Extension Size: 80*24*7cm

Functions: Removing snow, ice and frost


【FAST & EFFICIENT SNOW REMOVAL】This snow brush with ice scraper works great on swiftly and effortlessly removing ice, snow, leaves, frost, droppings on windshield, hood, roof, tires, trunks and more, without causing damage or scratch to paint.

【2 IN 1 EXTENDABLE SNOW BRUSH】The snow scraper comes with 3 separate units-①Ice scraper: Ice scraper to remove ice and frost from windshield or windows.
②Telescopic Handle: With aluminum alloy pole to extend, the brush is easily spreading over the car surface without causing arm fatigue.
③Pivoting Broom Head: Easily remove snow and ice by setting the brush at the optimum angle for the task.

【COMFORTABLE FOAM HANDLE】Make it easy to hold and keeps a lot of the icy cold off your hands.Fingers area design-make ice-pushing movements efficiently.It is a must have in your garage and home, you can use them to remove snow, ice and frost and clean refrigerator and house windows.

【DETACHABLE】 The snow brush set consists of 3 parts- snow brush, ice scraper, and aluminium alloy pole. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, which can be easily put into trunk or a carrying bag for easy storage and transport for winter outside.

【WILL NOT HURT YOUR CAR】Made of special treatment bristle, the car snow brush has sturdy bases but soft ends, ensuring to handle heavy snow without scratching your car paint. Squeegee blade with tough Ice scrapers to break through and clear thick ice without damaging your windshield.

3.Auto Accessories—Air Ratchet Wrench

auto accessories---air ratchet wrench

this Air Ratchet Wrench is used as compressed air as power to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.


Speed: 265RPM

Torque: 20n-M

Working Pressure: 6.3-9kg

Gas Consumption: 5SCFM

Inlet Port: 1/4 inch

Square Head Size: 1/4” (6.35mm), 3/8” (10mm) – (Optional)


1. Use compressed air as power to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.

2. Compact size and light weight, ideal for tight spaces.

3. Lever control for easy use and variable torsion adjustment.

4. Easy to operate, good mechanical performance.

5. Suitable for shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and auto industry and other fields.

4. Jump Starter for Car Battery

this Jump starter is not only emergency power supply but also LED Flashlight and Power Bank for digital equipments such as mobile phone, tablet etc.

auto accessories-jump starterauto accessories---jump starter

Jump Starter Specification

Color: Red, Yellow

Battery Cell Type: Lithium

Material: ABS Plastic

Voltage: 12 Volts

Item Dimensions(LxWxH): 160*80*30mm

Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, 12V Truck, Motorcycle, SUV, Truck, Boat etc.

LED Light Mode: Flashlight, Strobe and SOS

Jump Starter Features:

【Powerful Jump Starter】Battery Booster can jump start 12V vehicles (up to 6.0L gas/5.0L diesel engine) in seconds with 600A peak current and 20000mAh battery capacity. Suitable for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat etc.

【Quick Charging 4 USB Ports】This Car Jump Starter designed with 4 USB output ports, the quick charge 3.0 USB port not only provide 3 times faster charging speed than usual, but also compatible with almost all USB charging specifications of products and devices.

【Super Portability】Unlike some big & heavy jump starters, this Jump Starter is small enough to store in your cars anywhere and light enough to pack in your bag.

【LED Flashlight & Power Bank】The LED Flashlight can switch between lighting, strobe and SOS modes under different circumstances. Not only a car booster, it can be used as a power bank to fully charge your phone, iPad, camera or other device.

【Upgraded Safety Features】The battery jumper starter has intelligent safety functions to ensure the safety of the user in all modes of operation. Including short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, reverse polarity protection, reverse connection protection, over-current protection, over charge protection, over load protection and over-voltage protection, short circuit protection on making it super safe for anyone to use.

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