Lishi Lock pick on the car is a huge revolution in lock picking. if the lock works, the Lishi will open it! We can clearly see that Lishi lock picks are much faster than using traditional picks. When the Lishi lock picks arrived on the scene, car lock picking changed forever. So, what we are going to talk about next is some basic information about Lishi locks pick tools, you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Lishi Lock picks with about a hundred in total, with some of them giving you entry into as many as six different vehicles

Tools Overview:

Lishi lock pick can be mainly divided into Tension Arm、Numeric Wafer Guides、Picking Needle、Picking Guide and Picking Handle.



Lishi lock pick tool Technique and Tips:

Lishi lock pick tool Technique:

Way to insert Lishi lock pick tool properly:

First, return the Lifter to the center position before you can insert the tool into the lock hole.


Way to Pick:

When prying the lifter, you should use only one hand to push the lifter and the other hand to hold on to the main panel.

Lishi lock pick tool Tips:


First, determine the brand of the car and choose the corresponding tool. By levering on each ruler position, find the position of the shrapnel and confirm the number of shrapnel.


Picking Lishi lock pick tool Technique:

we are going to identify where the wafers actually are. What does is to go over every way for once you apply tension. we click it when it is binding to reset the wafers. Go over every wafer and the ones that have to spring to it you leave them alone.

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Check out the video below to learn how to use the Lishi Lock Pick!