Lishi SC1 Lock Pick Specification:


This Lishi SC1 Lock pick 2-in-1 tool works with any 5 pin lock using a SC keyway even if it has spool and master pins. Using the LiShi SC1 Lock pick tool is faster and more convenient. This SC1 lock pick not only saves time but also saves effort. It can be put into our pocket at any time!

  • Revolutionary Design
  • Pick and Decode SC, 5 Pin Keyway Locks
  • Picks Lock With Spool & Master Pins

SC1 is Schlage C keyway 5 pin


PINS: 5-Pin Door

CAPABILITY: This tool is for Residential Door locks


Lish Lock Pick Note

  1. Please always look for the ‘Mr. Li’ face logo for a guaranteed original Mr. Li product. The tools we supply are from the original manufacturer, ensuring quality and supply are guaranteed.
  2. The use of excessive force can damage these tools or render the decoding function inoperable.


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