Scania VCI 3 scanner is latest truck diagnostic tool for trucks, buses made by Scania. SDP3 V2.39 is the latest diagnostic software for  Scania VCI 3. VXDAS team here provide the software download link and one problem solution for you.


Scania VCI 3 Overview:

1. Software Version: V2.23 in CD, latest version V2.39.

2. Support Vehicles: All Scania Trucks / Buses / other Heavy Vehicles / Heavy Duty Engines made by Scania.

3. Support Wifi.

4. Operation System: Only work on WIN7 32bit system.

5. Multi-Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese.

Note: The adapter does not work with trucks / engines manufactured before 2004.



Scania VCI 3 Scanner Functions:

1. Check and adjustments.

2. Conversion.

3. Maintenance.

4. Campaign.

5. Bodywork.

6. Fault Codes.

7. Fault Reporting.

8. Programming of Control units.

Need Netframework 4.5 installed on system.

In order to install SDP3, administrator rights are required.


Scania VCI 3 SDP3 v2.39 Software Download Link:!zJREQQRS!1Tye4NRNiTMBY5xteTGTkuap1Md8Le1dQGrfu3P2GFk

Note: Installation & activation need remote assistance via Teamviewer by VXDAS engineer.

Activation is not free, if need any details, please check Scania SDP3 2.39 Activation.



Scania VCI 3 SDP3 Error “VCI is not the latest version” Solution

When use the SDP 3 V2.39 connected to the VCI 3, there may be an error — “The software in VCI is not the latest version. Click OK to install new VCI software”.


After you click “ok” to install, then you will get a error “An error occurred when updating VCI”.


Then come out the “Updating VCI2 firmware failed with error code 1”.



Reason: Scania VCI 3 in Chinese is clone version, does not support VCI update.

Solution: Just delete the contents of the folder “vcifrimware” in Scania / sdp3 directory. Then you will not get the error again.


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