SVCI ING is new and professional diagnostic tool for Nissan/GTR/Infiniti from 1996 till now, covers diagnostic, immobilizer and programming functions. this new Nissan/GTR/Infiniti tool replaces OEM Nissan consult 3 plus, and it is the device which use cloud computing provide cloud diagnostic service, provide new idea, new technology and new automotive cloud diagnostics.

SVCI ING Nissan diagnostic tool

SVCI ING Diagnostic Tool Highlights

1. Support all the INFINITI/NISSAN/GTR models(1996MY up to now) diagnostic, immobilizer and programming functions.

2. It was improved 500% speed for programming modules than OEM Nissan consult 3 plus tool.

3. More stable and zero mortality for modules programming.

4. Support USB power supply and Bluetooth v4.0 connection.

5. Build-in security card and GTR card functions, .immobilizer bypass password.

6. Provide mobile android software and Windows software (BAOCHI cloud diagnostic).

7. OS support: Windows8, Windows10.

8. Latest Software : V1.6 (keep updating)

SVCI ING vs. Nissan Consult 3 Plus

SVCI ING Nissan Diagnostic tool

How To Use SVCI ING To Reprogram Nissan TCM Module?

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