SVCI ING:the Latest and Best Nissan OBD2 Scanner

SVCI ING is the best Nissan diagnostic tool in the market and is on presell in now. All the orders will be shipped out in June,2020.


SVCI ING Basic features:

SVCI ING:nissan obd2 scanner

Support car models:all the INFINITI/NISSAN/GTR models(1996MY up to now)

Functions:diagnostic,immobilizer and programming functions

Power supply mode:USB

Connection:Bluetooth v4.0

Software:Android and Windows(BAOCHI cloud diagnostic)

SVCI ING Hardware:Integrated with the INFINITI/NISSAN/GTR OEM NISSAN consult 3 plus hardware suite.


1.More stable and reliable for modules programming

2.Faster than previous competitor:It was improved 500% speed for programming modules than OEM Nissan consult 3 plus tool

3.Smarter cloud software that require less performance ability

4. Convenient to carry, small but complete in every detail.

Why you should have SVCI ING as your Nissan obd2 scanner?

I would say that’s because SVCI ING is a perfect integration of wisdom,super price and performance.

You can hardly find a better Nissan disgnostic tool as SVCI ING does.


1.Perfect integration:Build-in security card and GRT card functions ,immobilizer bypass password.

2.Very fast for Modules Programming:It was improved 500% speed for modules programming than OEM Nisan consult 3 Plus and 0 morality for modules programming.

3.Support ECM,TCM,blank ECM,blank TCM,ABS,VDC…etc modules programming.


I know it may be a little difficult to understand so many terminals.To put them frank, if you own SVCI ING to diagnose your Nissan vehicles,you can save the trouble of memorizing the immobilizer passwords. I just don’t like I have to keep notes when repairing Nissan vehicles. That kinds of resembles school homework. So for that fake,I will definitely pick SVCI ING. It will have better memorizing cards for these stuffs so I can focus my mind on more important stuff.


Besides,compared to its prevous peer,SVCI ING excel in programming moduels. I just want to waste my time in waiting data coming out. To make it easier to understand, the best Nissan obd2 scanner in the market is SVCI ING. Let us try a small guess–How much a SVCI ING is?

You can check your answer in our website: SVCI ING

SVCI ING:nissan obd2 scanner

I also like its  versatile wit in all kinds of module programming. That means I can save much from repairing all kind s of modules in all-in one nissan obdii reader. I can save a lot money from that.

SVCI ING vs Nissan Consult 3 Plus,which one better?

Item SVCI ING Nissan Consult 3 Plus
Picture SVCI ING:nissan obd2 scanner
Programming times About 3 minutes About 15 minutes
Programming mortality 0% 0%>
Immobilizer functions Immobilizer bypass password Immobilizer with password
Security card functions Build-in Security card functions Need to purchase
GRT card functions Build-in GRT card functions Need to purchase
Support the model years 1996 years up to now 1996 years up to now
Mobile android software Contains Null
Bluetooth Contains Contains
Software Update Automatic online upgrade Uncertain update



SVCI ING can save you money ,energy and have better car model compactibility.

As you can see from the picture,if you purchase SVCI ING,you can save the money of purchasing Security card and  Build-in GRT card. Let alone the trouble of memorizing Nissan Immobilizer passwords.

But reason I srongly recommend this nissan obd2 scanner is that it can e upgraded automatically. That means it is more powerful to support more latest nissan vehicles. Considering that nissan is the 4th biggest car manufacturer in the world, I think car model compactibility will matter so much.


What SVCI ING BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic Software can offer for you?

SVCI ING:nissan obd2 scanner

Let us compare the BAOCHI cloud software and Traditional cloud software at first.

BAOCHI cloud software vs Traditional cloud software

Item BAOCHI cloud software Traditional cloud software
Mobile android software Contains Contains
Mobile software size About 54MB Above 1GB
Windows platform software contains Null
Windows software size About 74MB Null
Mobile storage Below 100MB Above 5GB
Update method Automatic online updates Manual updates
Connection method Bluetooth Bluetooth
Covers models 80% brand in the market 80% brand in the market
Contains special functions Yes Yes
Data live shows method Form and Graphics shows Form shows
Operation process Smarter and simple Tedious


It is the First Automobile Diagnostic Cloud Service which adopts Adopt Cloud Computing Technology.


it is very user-friendly.

  • Faster and easier to install the BAOCHI software
  • less storage space required
  • Real-time Update
  • Automatic online upgrade
  • Simple design, suitable for mobile and computer terminal
  • Suitable mobile android and windows platform

Besides,the signal is quite reliable. The maximum Bluetooth connection distance will be more than 20 meters. Now you can have no worries in connection.You can have your repair work in your workshop/basement while your terminal like computer may be at your bedroom.

It will be join in Intelligent speech technology and Al technology in the future, Free your both hands and mind,let   SVCI ING become your nexe nissan obd2 scanners assitant.

Package List

1pc * SVCI ING for Nissan/Infiniti/GRT Dagnostic Tools

1pc * 16-14 Connector

1pc * USB Cable

1pc * CD software

SVCI ING:nissan obd2 scanner

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