BMW ICOM Diagnostic Tool Buying Tips

BMW ICOM diagnostic tool is used to diagnosis , programming and coding for BMW series vehicles. Since there are many tools at the market, how to choose the right one you need? Main benefits of an ICOM tool should be: Wireless diagnosis connection, Ease of use in a shop with multiple active connections, Self-hosted DHCP server [...]

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How To Update BMW ICOM A2 or ICOM NEXT Firmware?

BMW ICOM NEXT firmware update instruction, why you need to update icom next firmware? when using the latest ISTA D software to do BMW diagnosis, icom hareware can be detected, but the device doesn't communicate with the vehicle,  can't enter modules reading page, like below picture: What's the solution? The firmware doesn't match with the  latest [...]

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How to Solve BMW ICOM Software ISTA-P Need Activation Key?

BMW ICOM Software works for BMW ICOM Next and ICOM A2. Latest version of ICOM software is v2019.12, will update to 2020.3 soon. Some customers met a problem when open ISTA-P software and request password. VXDAS will share tips to solve this problem today.   BMW ICOM Software Overview Software Version: V2019.12 Operation System: Win7 64bit [...]

How to Activate the language of bmw ista d software from ?

As we all know that, bmw ista d software support multi-languages including English(Default), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Thai, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Greek. While team only has the English and Chinese activated as default. If you need other language, please contact us to ativate it for you. In order to save the time [...]

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ICOM NEXT for BMW ISTA-D ISTA-P Software Download and Installation Guide

ICOM NEXT is professional diagnostic tool for all BMW E/F/G series cars, MINI, Rolls-Royce BMW-Model.  And it supports programming offline directly.  BMW ICOM software works with ICOM NEXT well, also ICOM A2. VXDAS.COM here provide BMW Win7 ISTA-D/P software download and installation guide.   1. BMW ICOM Software Overview: Software Version: V2018.12 BMW Diagnosis ISTA-D: 4.12.12 BMW Programming [...]

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