BMW ICOM Software works for BMW ICOM Next and ICOM A2. Latest version of ICOM software is v2019.12, will update to 2020.3 soon. Some customers met a problem when open ISTA-P software and request password. VXDAS will share tips to solve this problem today.


BMW ICOM Software Overview

Software Version: V2019.12

Operation System: Win7 64bit

Software Type: HDD/SSD

Multi-Languages: English(Default), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Thai, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Greek.

Compatible Device:






ISTA P Need Activation Key Solution

When you open ISTA-P software, and it ask “Enter Activation Key” as picture below, please follow our steps to solve it.

How to Solve BMW ISTA-P Need Password VXDAS 1


First, find the file folder “tools” in your laptop, then open it. (If software from other suppliers and don’t have this folder, please contact your supplier)

You will see a folder name “ISTAP Key”.

How to Solve BMW ISTA-P Need Password VXDAS 2


Second, open the file folder. And then you will see a Text file “Activation Key” inside the folder.

Now open the txt file, you can see the activation code.

How to Solve BMW ISTA-P Need Password_VXDAS 4


Then copy the code to the place that asked for activation key in the first screen. Click Continue.

How to Solve BMW ISTA-P Need Password_VXDAS 3


After that, the ISTA-P software can start normally.

How to Solve BMW ISTA-P Need Password_VXDAS 6


Thanks for your attention here. Hope this can help you get problem solved!

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