Best VAG Tools Recommendation 2020: VCDS HEX V2 cable & VAS 5054A with ODIS V5.2.7 Software

VCDS HEX V2 intelligent cable and VAS 5054A oki chip bluetooth interface with V5.2.7 ODIS software installed at Dell E6420 perfect complete full set supports VAG diagnosis, offline/online programming, long coding, hidden flashing etc. till 2020     VCDS HEX V2 &VAS 5054 Interface  with ODIS V5.2.7 software installed at Dell 6420 overview VAS 5054A Interface [...]

ODIS CPN Proxy ODIS Geko Access Certificate Free to Share

ODIS CPN Proxy is ODIS Proxifier CPN ODIS Geko access certificate, ODIS Proxifier CPN is necessary installed on ODIS software for ODIS online coding account access. share ODIS Proxifier CPN ODIS Proxy Geko access license free download for ODIS online programming working. ODIS Proxifier CPN Download Free For ODIS Online Coding   ODIS Proxifier CPN ODIS [...]

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