Xhorse VVDI key tool max programmer is a dealer level smart device with multi functions. Supports generate transponder and remote.etc, contains all VVDI Key Tool and MINI Key Tool functions. Can work with Xhorse Key Cutting machine, MINI OBD TOOL and other products to do specific operations.

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool max

VVDI Key Tool Max Features

1. Use KEY TOOL MAX to connect the dolphin to cut the key for the customer.
2. Support Generate transponder and remote.etc
3. Enter the car directly using KEY MAX+MINI OBD for matching. The entire process can be seamlessly connected without switching devices.
4. KEY TOOL MAX +MINI OBD TOOL can not only match the chip remote control of imported domestic cars, smart card, but also Toyota H chip will be released first on KEY TOOL MAX.
5 . Added IC Copy function.
6. Contain all VVDI Key Tool and MINI Key Tool functions.
The remote/transponder function is the same as the previous MINI KEY TOOL
and the renew remote same like KeyTool. Support Generate transponder and remote.etc

With VVDI Key Tool Max What Can We Do?

1. Generate remote and smart key
2. Program and Immo transponder
3. Generate speical transponder
4. Renew remote
5. Recognize and copy access card
6. Generate and copy garage remote
7. Frequency detection and copy remote
8. Connect to Xhorse key cutting machine

VVDI Key Tool Max User Manual


Unlocking& Programming Toyota Smart Key Via VVDI Key Tool Max, Fast and Easy!



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