When you finish install BMW INPA Software , you need to connect the INPA K+DCAN Interface to the computer and setting the driver, then you can diagnostic your car .

There are some problems maybe happen during setting the driver. The following is the reasons of these problems and we will give some solutions to you solve the problems.

1.1 Driver Error

Message comes along with an ADS or OBD connector.
This error occurs if another program or device has taken the COM1 port of your PC.
If you want to work with EDIABAS or INPA, please make sure that the COM1 port is not taken.


1.2 DirectNt.sys can’t be opened

This error only occurs with an NT computer if the ADS driver hasn’t been installed.
The instructions for installing the ADS driver can be found in the “Installation Guide/Update Guide” ADS_DOKU.pdf in the directory C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\ADS\ or on the Intranet page: 



1.3 IFH-0002: Interface isn’t connected or doesn’t respond

Reason: In the Ediabas.ini file, the interface is set to STD:FUNK. However you haveconnected an ADS or OBD connector.Solution: Modify the interface setting in Ediabas.ini.


1.4 IFH-0003: Data transmission HOST/Interface failed

Reason 1: In the Ediabas.ini file, the interface is set to STD:OBD. However, you haveconnected an ADS connector.Solution 1: Modify the interface settin

Reason 2: The data transmission failed when sending (e.g. short circuit in the line).
Solution 2: Get rid of the short circuit, for example.

Reason 3: Connector not connected or no power supplied.
Solution 3: Check whether the connector is connected and is supplied with power.


Reason 4: The device manager has been used to disable the FIFO buffer for COM1.
Solution 4: In the device manager (Windows XP: Enter “Start” “Control Panel” “System” “Hardware” “Device Manager” Ports (COM & LPT)), and then select COM1 from the ports. Then under the “Port Settings” tab, select “Advanced”. There must be a check-mark by “Use FIFO buffers” and “8” must be selected for the receive buffer and transmit puffer.

BMW INPA Software Interface failed

1.5 IFH-0010: Data transmission to control unit disturbed

This problem can occur with XP computers with the OBD interface.

Reason: With Windows XP, it is not possible to automatically set the receive and transmit buffers using OBDSetup.exe, like in Windows NT.
Solution: Set the receive and transmit buffers to 8 as shown in the following:
Use Start,  My Computer,  Control Panel,  System, Hardware,  Device, Manager, Ports (COM & LPT) and then click with the right mouse button to call up the properties of the COM port that is being used. Under the Port Settings tab, set the Data bits of the receive and transmit buffers to 8


1.6 IFH-0013: Command not implemented

Reason: The error was caused by another programme that accessed the COM1 interface.
Usually, the “HotSync” programme is installed on the computer for the organiser.
Solution: Check the programmes that are started automatically when Windows is started


1.7 Error: EBAS32.EXE not found or illegal version!

This error occurs if the path variable is set with the path C:\EDIABAS\BIN in the system and
user variables (Start My Computer Control Panel System Advanced and then in
the “Environment“ tab).

bmw inpa software installed error

1.8 EDIABAS error: Error (95) SYS-0005: OBJECT FILE NOT FOUND

Reason 1: No SGBD in C:\EDIABAS\ECU
Solution 1: Copy the SGBD into the Ecu directory.

Reason 2: No group file in C:\EDIABAS\ECU (for group call)
Solution 2: Copy the group file to C:\EDIABAS\ECU

Reason 3: No path definition C:\EDIABAS\BIN
Solution 3: Set the system variable (see 2.1)

Reason 4: Incorrect path definition in EDIABAS.INI
Solution 4: Set the EcuPath path in Ediabas.ini to C:\EDIABAS\ECU

Reason 5: The SGBD name contains reserved characters or is too long. Only 8 characters are allowed (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, “_”).



ADS Interface:
The following error appears when Ediabas is started: Createfile_error: OPEN

OBD Interface:
The following error appears when Ediabas is started: Error 28: IFH 0018- INITIALIZATION

ERROR. (Also see Section 3.3)
Reason: Ediabas is attempting to access port COM1. However, the port doesn’t exist, or it has been taken by another programme (e.g. HotSync from Palm, infrared).
Solution: Install a COM1 interface or free it


1.10 Battery and Ignition not recognised

Reason: With a Dell Latitude D600 laptop, pin 9 has no function and it is therefore not
able to correctly recognise the battery status.

Solution 1: Use OBD via USB, see C:\EDIABAS\BIN\INI.PDF Chapter 2.2 for this.
Solution 2: The laptop is connected to the docking station.
Solution 3: Workaround for the OBD driver as of February 2004: A file “OBD.ini” must be created in the directory C:\WINDOWS for Windows XP, or alternatively C:\WINNT for Windows NT, with the following entry. This is because with UBATT=OFF, the battery status is not determined via hardware, but is permanently set to “Battery voltage available”. Also see OBD_DOKU.pdf in the \Ediabas\Hardware\OBD directory.
Entry in OBD.ini:



1.11 Warning when starting OBD Setup

BMW INPA Software error

A warning occurs when starting C:\EDIABAS\HARDWARE\OBD\OBDSetup.exe. 

After You want to start Tool Set or INPA,  you will get the following error message:

bmw inpa software installed warning

Reason: The value of the variable DWORD (here RxFIFO) can not be set by OBDSetup.exe.
Solution: You have to set the value of the DWORT in the registry. You have to open the Regedit by using Start Ausführen… enter regedit OK. Choose the following path in the regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE system current control set click on Services. On the right side of the window You can click on the name of the DWORd value which is defective (here RxFIFO). Enter the value 8 with the base hexadecimal. Click Ok an close the regedit. Now You can start the Tool Set or INPA without an error.
If  You have warnings for other DWORDs when startig OBDSetup.exe, You will have to set the value of the coloum „Expected“ for the wrong value in the registry.

bmw inpa software registrierungs editor

bmw inpa software

1.12 ERROR C1015: Too Many String Variables in Job

Reason: In a job only a maximum of 6 string-variables is acceptable.
Solution: You have to reduce the number of variables.


1.13 Failure: EDIABAS Fehler 159, NET-0009: TIMEOUT

bmw inpa software Fehler

Reason 1: The configuration for the remotehost is false.
Solution 1: Set the corresponding networkname for the remotehost in the configuration file EDIABAS.INI.
Reason 2: The inface-cable on the OPPS is not correct.
Solution 2: You need a special OPPS-Cable for the connection with the CAN-BUS. (since type series L6)
Reason 3: In the remotecontrol the OPPS-interface is used by default (since EDIABAS 7.0). The remotecontrol between two PC’s is not possible with this configuration.
Solution 3: Close all diagnosticapplications and EDIABAS-Processes that are running and open the file “remote_mit_pc.bat” in the directory C:\EDIABAS\bin.


1.14 Failure: The name of the file or folder can t be changed

bmw inpa software fehler

Reason: EDIABAS or another component of EDIABAS is still open.
Solution: You have to shut down the diagnosticapplication and EDIABAS. If necessary, the fileexplorer and the editors which access the EDIABAS-Directory have to close as well


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