ChipTuningKit KT200 ECU programmer also provides you with DTC code removal EGR&DPF removal, IMMO OFF, releasing speed limit, mileage correction, Hot start or Cold Start Vmax, and so on. It will bring you unexpected surprises and make your work more productive!


What’s a KT200 ECU Programmer?

ChipTuningKit KT200 ECU Programmer is a complete tool for reading and programming ECU and TCU covering 99% of the models on the market. KT200 ECU programmer working for ECU done, ECU remapping, and so on.


Where to Buy KT200 ECU Programmer?

If you want to get a KT200 ECU Programmer, please click the link below:

Where can I get ChipTuningKit KT200 Software Download Link:

Click to download: KT200 Software


How to Install KT200 ECU Programmer Software?

Below shares step by step KT200 ECU Programmer from the installation guide here:


Step 1: Enter your system setting, turn off the anti-virus protection

  • Setting >>

  • Virus & threar protection >>

  • Update & Security >>

  • Off >>


Step 2:Extract to KT200 Software 


Step 3: Enter the KT200 software, double click setup application to start the installation


Step 4: Accept the terms, and next>>

  • Next >>


Step 5: Waiting for installation, and finish it

You will see the KT200 on the desktop, connect to your KT200 ECU Programmer to open the software, please.