There are lots of ECU that need to disassemble from the car and open and this is the case for all the ECU that need to be programmed with Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols. If your Mercedes ME9.7 ECU are broken ,how to repair it?

If your Mercedes ME9.7 ECU are broken, you should have below checklists firstly:

  1. Mercedes ME9.7 ME 9.7 ECU ECM Engine Computer Programming
  2. Mercedes Benz ECU ME9.7/272-273/ Renew Cable
  3. Red PCB Ktag V7.020 EU Version

With this portfolio, you can directly write the data to Mercedes ME9.7 ME 9.7 ECU.

It is perfect ECU Tool for Mercedes ME9.7 ME 9.7 ECU ECM Engine, not only help you save money, but also let you operate easily, no need to open ECU.


Mercedes ME9.7 ME 9.7 ECU ECM Engine Computer Programming

Top 6 reasons to get Mercedes ME9.7 ECU:

1. Mercedes ME9.7 ECU is very hot sale kit, completely new ECU to exchange for your car, can program it online directly.
2. Unlock an used ME9.7 ECM in order to adapt it with SDS, Autologic, etc
3. Can work with KTAG/KTM100(SE135-B1/SE135-E) to read and write ECU data for your car new ECU.
4. If Connect with Mercedes Benz ECU ME9.7/272-273/ Renew Cable(SF237) , then no need to remove the ecu from the car when programming new ecu.
5. Can work with MB SD C4/C5 to do online programming.
6. No need for additional programming, just install the new ECM and the car will start!

 You have to send your original ECM and replacement ECM. Sometimes we can supply the ECMs at very competitive price.

This is reprogramming service is for Mercedes cars equipped with ME9.7 ECUs , all years and models!

Series Models Chassis NO Engine Model(ME9.7)
C Series C230 203.052 272.920
C Series C280 203.054 272.940
C Series C280 204.054 272.947
E Series E350 211.056 272.964
E Series E280 211.054 272.943
E Series E300 12.054 272.952
E Series E350 207.356 272.961
CLK cars CLK280 209.354 272.940
CLK cars CLK350 209.356 272.960
CLS sports cars CLS350 219.356 272.964
CLS sports cars CLS300 219.354 272.943
SLK sports cars SLK280 171.454 272.942
SLK sports cars SLK350 171.456 272.963
S Series S350 221.56 272.965
S Series S4100 221.195 272.974
M Series ML350 164.186 272.967
M Series ML300 164.182 272.945
R Series R350 251.165 272.967
R Series R300 251.154 272.945
GLK cars GLK300 204.981 272.984
GLK cars GLK350 204.987 272.971

Meanwhile, compatible with all series of 237 engine 4.6L 4633CC V8/ 5.5L5641CC V8
Support online programming, renewing ECU repeatedly with a special cable instead of dismantling the shell.


Mercedes Benz ECU ME9.7/272-273/ Renew Cable

When you have the original ECU data, just use this renew cable to connect to KTM100 or KTAG to write to Mercedes ME9.7 ME 9.7 ECU SO449.
With this cable, you won’t need to dismantle the new ECU to write the data.



Ktag V7.020 EU Version Red PCB K-tag Firmware V7.020 Online Version ECU Programmer No Tokens Need with GPT Cable

KTAG 7.020 Master is the new generation KTAG Master Kit for all the ECU that need to be programmed with Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols(tricore and ST10) and you can use 2017 Newest LED BDM Frame With 4 Probe Pens Full Set together to simple your disassemble job.

Red PCB K-TAG KTAG 7.020 EU Version Hlights:
1. EU Version KTAG V7.020 With Red PCB + red 3D sticker
2. Best PCB With Murata filters.
3. With GPT cable for GPT Function
4. No Tokens need at all,no years limited.
5. Support BDM Function Well, no checksum error, available Protocols BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx
6. Ktag V7.020 can connect internet without damage
7. More protocols and new types add, fully activated support for CAR, TRUCK ,MOTORCYCLE ,TRACTORS, boats, heavy duty, no year limited

Ktag V7.020 Red PCB Basic Information:
Languages:English/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ French
Software Version: V2.23 (Newest)
Fireware Version: V7.020
Update:By link/CD
Functions:Ecu Programming Tool
Connection:By BDM
Support Protocol:Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols(tricore and ST10)
Many encrypted new car models works I.E Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276ECU, Toyota 76F, etc.
100+ ECU types added

Using tips:
1. Please Only Use Our Software
2. Operating System: Better to Use Win XP
3. Tip (Very important): During operation, disable the internet connection; otherwise the software may get damaged.

The KTAG you received will with latest software 2.25 and hardware 7.020 ,so Never update it online.We will send you free update link in future. Our KTAG 7.020 can be used online,no reset button need.No tokens limited.


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