The VXDAS SIGMAPROBE circuit tester is one of the best available vehicle circuit diagnosis tools currently. This article sets to reveal some of its unique features that users find worthy. It will offer an overview of the tool, a comparison, and a detailed review. Let’s learn more about this product.



Every mechanic, professional or DIYer should prioritize safety and effectiveness when working on circuits. You must have seen blogs promoting circuit testers that promise to revolutionize your projects and allow you to perform tests and diagnoses with minimum effort.

However, after every purchase, you realize that you have been buying the same items, just branded differently. In case you are tired of constantly trying your luck and failing, we have something for you. Today, we will look at an excellent circuit tester that will make your dream a reality- the VXDAS SIGMAPROBE circuit tester.


I. VXDAS Sigmaprobe Overview

The SIGMAPROBE circuit tester is newly released by VXDAS, an automotive brand specializing in versatile and creative diagnostic tools. Two of the most common and best-selling product lines by VXDAS are OBD2 scanners and TPMS tools. What makes VXDAS stand out from other rivals in the current market is that they always strive to ensure the affordability and high quality of their products. Take the VXDAS EL-50448 as an example. I believe you cannot find a better TPMS tool with as many functions for any cheaper. To learn more about this product, you can read this detailed review of EL-50448 by an industry expert, Tim Miller at

VXDAS Sigmaprobe Circuit Tester is one of a kind. It is packed with a load of features to help you efficiently diagnose your vehicle circuitry problems. Several modes allow you to perform several functions, making it better than the average circuit tester.

Users also enjoy overload and short circuit protection and can conduct several tests. It allows you to efficiently diagnose your circuits by covering 90% automotive testing scenarios.  Out of all its features, the Smart test mode is the most outstanding. Thanks to this feature, you can conduct voltage, resistance, positive and negative tests with only one click, saving you the need to switch between different modes. We will cover the other modes in the course of our article to keep you informed.

Judging from the customer reviews and consumer feedback, the majority of buyers are happy. Some of the notable advantages include high-quality accessories, double overload protection, ease of usage, and safety. This product also boasts of a metal probe tip that drives high performance while consuming low power.

The design is also pretty solid for both professionals and average users. Stick around to know more about this product, as covered in the next sections of this article.

II.Comparison Between VXDAS Sigmaprobe and other circuit testers

We would like to compare this circuit tester with some of the famous circuit testers in the market and see where it stands. For the purposes of this article, we will pitch it against the OEM TOOLS 25886 Circuit Tester, Astro 7764 Digital LCD Wide Range Circuit Tester, and IIT 26001 Professional circuit Tester. Take a look:

IIT 26001 OEM TOOLS 25886 Astro 7764 Digital
Price($) 7.89 14.2 26.99
Product Dimension 1 ×2×2 Inches 12.13× 4.6× 1.1 inches 12.6 ×4.72 × 1.57 inches
Item Weight 5.6 Ounces 6.4 Ounces 7 Ounces
Voltage Range 6-12 6-24 3-48
Vehicle compatibility All All Cars, boats, trailers, vans, RVs, motorcycles, airplanes, snowmobiles

The VXDAS SIGMAPROBE circuit tester comes as a kit and costs $ 189.00, weighs 5.27 pounds, has a voltage range of 9-30V and measures 15.59 × 12.44 × 4.33 inches, making it the most expensive and heaviest among the four. It is also suited for all vehicle types and has a one-year warranty.

III. Why  is VXDAS Sigmaprobe Special? Detailed Review

You must be wondering why this circuit tester stands out from the competition. Well, here are the reasons:

VXDAS Sigmaprobe

These are factors that make SigmaProbe stand out from other competitors:

  1. VXDAS SIGMAPROBE- A powerful circuit tester

This circuit tester has eight working modes that allow it to perform more functions. It is, therefore, quite different from the average tester.  Here are detailed reasons that support our assertion:

a. Smart Test

The Smart test mode allows you to conduct quick voltage, resistance, and the positive/negative test without switching between different test modes. It will automatically identify the measured signal and display voltage values, giving this tester its revered name.

b. Multimeter mode

This mode allows you to test for DC voltage, resistance, current, frequency, and the diode via the continuity test.

c. Oscilloscope mode

This is yet another working mode in this circuit tester that helps you correctly sample and analyze the electrical signals. You will be able to check the diode ripple in alternators, ABS sensors, among others.

d. Relay test

This product comes with two automotive relays (the 5-terminal and 4-terminal relay) connection guide diagrams making it easy to test the relay condition.

e. Fuel Injector Test

This is a four pulse signal test that allows you to establish your injector status. You can use this with any fuel pressure tester to test injector conditions.

f. Positive/negative test

The positive/negative test identifies the positive/negative poles before displaying them on the screen. You only need the probe tip to know which wire in the power supply is positive or negative.

g. Component activation modes

This circuit tester comes with three activation modes: MOMENT, LATCH, and PULSE. Applying power to the probe tip will allow you to activate and dynamically test horns, motors and other electrical components.

h. Power Supply

Sigmaprobe circuit tester has a 0-5V power supply mode, an active mode that can adjust the voltage output below 5V and at the same time limit the current to 100mA.

  1. Safety: The Highest Priority

Safety is critical when rectifying electrical problems.  You should avoid shorting out a hot circuit, an occurrence that has heavy repercussions on the wiring, or starting a fire. The manufacturers built the Sigmaprobe circuit tester with safety in mind. First, its 0-5V power supply keeps your components from voltage-related damages during tests.

It also has a wide range of measurement voltage of within 9-30.  Additionally, you get an internal circuit breaker system that provides short circuit protection.

Lastly, it has a 25amp fuse which comes in handy during short circuit or device overload.

  1. Flexibility

This product is highly flexible, thanks to its array of features. It has an extension cable and a 20 feet test line which allows you to conduct your tests over a longer distance and in narrow spaces.

You can conduct quick tests without switching between different modes thanks to the Smart test mode. It will efficiently perform the voltage resistance, positive and negative tests.

You cannot fail to notice the top LED light, which comes in handy in dark environments. It is powerful enough to serve as a flashlight. Additionally, users get an ABS toolbox which makes transportation easier.

Lastly, this product comes with two distinct shape test probes that serve different functions.

  1. Comprehensive Vehicle Application

Thanks to its 9-30V wide-range measurement voltage, this product can be used in motorcycles, cars, boats, RVs, and trucks.

  1. User-friendly design

A user-friendly design makes your work easier and more enjoyable. Creators of this circuit tester had that in mind thanks to the following features:

I. Hook design

Users enjoy a hook design allowing them to pick and place the tester wherever they please. You can hang your tool outside your toolbox or vehicle while working.

II. Interface design

The Sigmaprobe circuit tester has a 2.4-inch color screen and a 9-grid interface that supports one-click function entry.  This interface also displays more test results and functions, giving you an easy time.

III. Intelligent operation button

This product comes with an intelligent five keys operation button that allows you to switch functions easily. It is way better than. The scrolling type cycling switch is prevalent in other circuit testers.

  1. Wide Test Application

This is perhaps the main reason this circuit tester ranks above most of the options in the market. It supports several test applications.

The Multimeter mode allows for continuity testing, Oscilloscope test mode signal circuit testing, and Activating Component mode supports component activation in your hands, ground, and vehicle.

You can also check for bad ground contacts, follow and locate a short circuit, and perform the trailer light and connection test.

IV.Who is VXDAS SIGMAPROBE built for?

Given the flexibility and superiority of this circuit tester, it can be used by several parties. It serves all car owners, DIY mechanics, and professionals.

This is a professional-grade tool that is hard to come by. Therefore, professionals will enjoy the wide test applications, which eliminate the need to carry different tools. The intelligent test function also allows for a series of quick tests without switching between modes, saving time.

As for DIY mechanics, this product is easy to use, thanks to the various user-friendly design features. DIY projects should be fun, which can only be experienced through easy-to-use tools. We looked at the features that make this product easy to use in the third part of our article, in case you are wondering.

This tool will also help car owners conduct a series of small tests to diagnose and fix problems that do not need a mechanic’s attention. Thanks to the intelligent buttons that support easy function switch, they do not need lots of experience when using the tool.  The interface is also well designed for one-click entries, saving them time and effort.

This circuit tester, therefore, represents everybody. It has an array of features that all categories of people will find helpful. Look no further if you are a DIY mechanic, a professional mechanic, or an ordinary car owner.


The VXDAS SIGMAPROBE circuit tester is a beast to reckon with, evident from its unique features. It aims to make your work easier and more enjoyable.

This product serves everyone. It is easy to use, flexible and versatile. Does it qualify your bucket list, or have you made an order already?

We would like to know what you think about this awesome tester from SIGMAPROBE, so leave us a comment below and stay tuned for our future blogs!


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