Sigmaprobe tester production background:  in the current trend of more and more smart vehicles and more and more complex electronic systems, auto repair practitioners are increasingly relying on automotive diagnostic equipment and testing tools, and all electronic systems are inseparable from the circuit, but at present, we’re focusing on how to solve the problem of vehicle circuit failure? What methods and tools can be used to solve the problem? Is the solution efficiency slow or fast?

For example, I need to repair a car that may have circuit problems. The process is as follow:

First, find out the problems through the description of the car owner, and then look through the eyes, touch with the hands, and listen with the ears.

Know the problems based on the experience, then use alternative maintenance methods.

Know the problems through the owner’s description, and then use the relevant methods and testing equipment to locate the fault, different testing equipment will be used during responding different problems.

First of all, we need to use a multimeter for voltage detection, resistance continuity testing, open circuit, short circuit testing, oscilloscope current testing, and more complicated relay testing, injector testing, and other component testing equipment. Maintenance personnel are required to have and be proficient in light testing, multimeter, oscilloscope, component activation, sensor testing and other different equipment.


Aiming at “solving the problem of vehicle circuit efficiently” as the starting point, Sigmaprobe intelligent tester is specially used for vehicle smart circuit testing, which made Sigmaprobe  tester to be launched in the market. It has eight functions, which can test the status of all lines, components and electronic control system of the vehicle.


Sigmaprobe tester

What Can Simaprobe Tester  Do?

1.Simaprpbe Tester Smart Test

Smart test is mainly used for knowing the voltage and resistance, automatic switching of testing mode, and quick judgment of line path, short circuit and open circuit.

Sigmaprobe tester_smart test

2.Multimeter Mode

high resistance LCD automobile multimeter, mainly used for VDC (Direct Current voltage), OHM (resistance), DIO (diode / on-off test), AMP (current), Hz (frequency) test. It is mainly used to detect DC current intensity, DC voltage, wire resistance and other parameters, but also can be used to test duty cycle, frequency, capacitance, inductance, semiconductor components, etc.

Sigmaprobe tester

3.Oscilloscope Mode

can be used to measure the waveform and period of AC signal, mainly used to display the voltage waveform of input and output signals in the automotive electrical control system. It can display instantaneous waveform, which is an important function in automotive electrical fault diagnosis.

Sigmaprobe Tester

4.Relay test

through the connection of wiring and relay, quickly know the relay status.

Sigmarpobe tester

5.Injector test

Sigmaprobe has four pulse signal modes. Different pulse signals are output by selecting the mode, and then the output signal is connected to the injector. According to the receiving status of the injector, the status of the injector (good or bad) can be tested and observed.

Sigmaprobe tester

6.Positive / Negative test

the positive voltage can be automatically identified and displayed through the probe contact, and the negative resistance icon is on the screen.

Sigmaprobe tester

7.Component Activation

is mainly used to generate activation signals to the tested components. It has three activation modes: MOMENT, (momentary activation), LATCH (lock activation) and PULSE (pulse activation). (For example, activating vehicle lights motors and other onboard power supply equipment. It can’t be used for ECU and sensor module casually. There is a risk of burnout.) The activation of Sigmaprobe has an overload current setting, which is used to set the cut-off current from 1a to 18a. If the current is greater than the set target value during the activation process, Sigmaprobe will cut off the power supply and stop activation.

Sigmaprobe Tester

8. 0-5V power supply

Sigmaprobe tester is very useful in checking the wiring of ECU in this mode, because ECU can only bear the power supply voltage within 5V. If there is still a problem after you check the sensor with the multimeter mode, you can use the 0-5V mode. Sigmaprobe can select the 0-5V supply voltage (current < 100mA) in 0.5V increments. Simulate the output voltage of the sensor to verify the wiring to ECU. There is a set point voltage alarm to prevent the circuit connected to the probe tip from forcing the voltage to be 0.1V higher or lower than the set point voltage. The device will sound an alarm to tell you that there is a difference between the output voltage and the set voltage. You can disconnect and check the circuit for short circuit or other faults.

Sigmaprobe tester

9.System Settings

key operation sound, adjustable screen display background.

Sigmapobe tester

10.Sigmaprobe Tester Online Update

Sigmaprobe built-in STM chip, built-in 14 language packs, users can set the language freely. At present, the operation program is continually upgrading and language continually adding. Later users can download the upgrade package on the Sigmaprobe official website, connect the host to the computer through a USB cable, and can run the upgrade program on their computer to upgrade.

Sigmaprobe Tester

After owning Sigmaprobe Tester

A set of Sigmaprobe can meet all circuit and component testing requirements of the vehicle. The testing time is more efficient, the information is more accurate, and the cost is lower. Now, Sigmaprobe has started pre-sale program. People who are engaged in automotive circuit maintenance and all those who are interested in Sigmaprobe are welcome to enter our website for more in-depth understanding.


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