ElSAWIN 6.0 is the latest electronic service information for VAG group, full information on repair basically on new automobiles 2017. ELSAWIN 6.0 contains the detailed description of technology of repair, electric schemes, bodyworks, the catalogue of spare parts for guarantee replacement.


ELSAWIN 6.0  Overview

  • Region: All
  • Languages: English,Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish
  • OS: Win7, WinXP
  • Software Size: USB HARDDISK
  • Date of Update: 2019
  • Latest Version: V6.0

Conflict Audi-VW ELSA 6.0 – Audi + VW with other catalogues:

  • 1. Before installing on Windows NT – need to establish all programs from disk UTILS (Adobe Acrobat 5.5, IE 6.0, ISOView, MSXML Persen 2.0, MDAC 2.5sp1)
  • At installation on WinXP – anything to establish it is not necessary.
  • 2. At input of “old” serial number, the program is established in demo a mode.
  • 3. If at installation of the program the code is not entered, the program works demo a mode – 30 days.
  • 4. If you have problems with view Wiring Diagrams – install Adobe SVGVView

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